How to Organize Your Bathroom?

It can be difficult to find what you need when your bathroom is cluttered. Organizing by type of product and using storage bins to keep similar items together can help you find what you’re looking for easily. Spending a few minutes each day to tidy up the bathroom will also prevent you from having to a do a major overhaul after this initial cleaning.

Remove all items from your bathroom. This includes items from the shower, counters, cabinets, and closets. Lay everything out on a flat surface or floor so you can see what you have. Sort items by type. For example: makeup, shampoo/conditioner, hair products, shaving products, soaps, lotions, medicine, first aid, oral hygiene, cleaning supplies, and anything else you happen to have. Throw away anything you don’t use. If you haven’t used it in a year, trash it. Throw away empty bottles or duplicates of stuff. This includes all expired products, including prescription and over-the-counter medicines.

Designate a storage bin for each category. Label each bin: prescriptions, over-the-counter medicines, first aid, soaps, hair products, lotion, shaving products, etc. Clear bins are best, as you will easily be able to see exactly what is inside them. Fill the bins. Keep similar items together. Small items can be grouped in plastic bags before added to the bins. Make a few first aid kits by category – minor scrape, sprain, major cut, etc. This helps you avoid having to weed through a large box of stuff for a bandage. Separate the medications by type (allergy, cold and flu, headache, etc.) and store them in small containers. Place barrettes on a decorative strand of ribbon. Keep bobby pins together by attaching them to a magnetic strip. Use a metal file box to hold hair irons. Keep a basket just for the samples you receive so you can put it out for guests to use.

Clean your bathroom thoroughly. Before you put the items back, clean the shower and tub, sink and counters, mirrors, toilet, and floors. Any room is much easier to clean when empty, and you’ll have your bathroom sparkling in a flash. Decide what will go where. Don’t replace any of your items yet. Just look at the bins you filled and decide where the best spot for each one is. Things you use every day should go in the bathroom closet and things you rarely use like extra shampoo or soap should go under the sink. Put towels and extra toilet paper on a shelf in the bathroom closet. Use organizers on the backs of the cabinet or closet doors to maximize your space. Fill them up with bottles, tub toys, and so on. Use a cutlery tray or a desk organizer in the drawer to organize your makeup.

Label the shelves in the closet and the medicine cabinet. This will make it easier to find and put away items and to know when an item needs replaced. Store only what you use often in the bathroom. Keep the excess in an overflow space. This goes for items like barrettes, too. If you have too many, place some in a plastic bag and tuck them away for future use so you can shop at home when you need more.