How to Make Your Own Mosaic Bathroom?

Mosaics are images that are created by gluing glass, china or ceramic pieces to a surface. Although they often form distinct images, they can also be done in geometric or abstract patterns. Mosaics are popular in interior design because they add character and color to a surface while being durable. Ceramic tile mosaics are a great way to decorate a bathroom or kitchen countertop. You can do this project yourself with some tiles, cement, grout and a few tools. You must take care to arrange your mosaic exactly how you would like it to look before the cement dries. Learn how to make your own mosaic bathroom countertop.

Remove the current bathroom countertop, if you choose to do so. You will need a crowbar to peel the countertop away from the bottom surface and wall. You can also glue your tile on top of your current countertop. Choose the tiles you want to use for your bathroom countertop. Ceramic tiles are a good choice, and they are available at hardware and home improvement stores.

Do not choose too many bright colors for your mosaic surface. A surface made mostly of shades of neutrals and 1 or 2 bright colors will match your décor without looking too busy. You may choose tiles in the same size or of varying sizes. Consider choosing a different colored tile for the perimeter. Measure the dimensions of the bathroom countertop you would like to tile.

Lay your tiles out on a dry surface. Arrange the design that you would like to use, accounting for the dimensions of your bathroom sink. If you are working with large tiles you can place them in a thick plastic bag and hit them with a hammer to break them into smaller pieces. This will give you a more hap-hazard, uneven look than if you use small square tiles. Use a ceramic cutter to clip your tiles into specific shapes. For example, you may want to clip your square tiles diagonally to fit them around a curved wash basin. Clean the surface of your countertop. Use a heavy duty cleanser. Allow it to dry.