How to Finding Storage Solutions Create a Farmhouse Style Bathroom?

Store things in glass jars. Mason jars—the old standby of the home canning hobbyist—look great on a bathroom counter or shelf. Fill them with bars of soap, cotton swabs, or other bathroom essentials. Mason jars are closely associated with the sort of simple rustic charm you should be aiming for when creating a farmhouse style bathroom. But, you don’t have to use Mason jars—any sort of large glass jar will do, especially old apothecary-style jars.

Store things in wire baskets. Wire baskets and bins are a standard component in farmhouse style bathrooms. You can use them to store bottles of shampoo, soap, toilet paper, or towels. Store the wire baskets and bins beneath the sink, on the back of the toilet, or on shelves located throughout the bathroom.

Use wicker and other woven materials. Wicker can bring a bit of rustic charm to your farmhouse style bathroom. For instance, wicker baskets can be used to store towels, toilet paper, and other bathroom essentials. Use wicker tables and chairs as makeshift shelves. And wicker baskets are perfect for storing fresh or soiled towels. Opt for dark wicker as opposed to white wicker, which can look dated.

Add some wooden boxes. Wooden tool boxes or small wooden containers add a homespun charm to your farmhouse style bathroom. Place a longer wooden toolbox on a shelf or at the end of your bathroom counter. Stuff smaller wooden boxes with bathroom essentials and hand towels.