BARANA tell you how to choose a good toilet?

The choice and purchase of toilets is an indispensable part of home decoration, how to choose a suitable toilet? How do you choose all kinds of toilets on the market? Toilet type: one piece toilet and two-piece toilet. Whether the toilet is purchased or connected is mainly based on the size of toilet space.

Separate toilet is more traditional. In the later stage of production, screw and sealing ring are used to connect the base and the water tank two layers, which occupies a larger space and the joint seams are easy to hide dirt. The conjoined toilet is more modern and high-grade, with beautiful shape and rich selection. But the price is more expensive.

Sewage disposal mode: rear row type and downward row type. The back row is also called wall row or horizontal row. According to the literal meaning, we can know the direction of its sewage discharge. Back-row toilet should be considered when purchasing the height of the sewage outlet center from the ground, which is generally 180 mm; bottom-row toilet is also known as floor or vertical drain, refers to the sewage outlet in the ground toilet.

The bottom toilet should pay attention to the distance from the center of the sewage outlet to the wall. The distance from the sewage outlet to the wall is divided into 400 mm, 305 mm and 200 mm. Among them, the northern market has a larger demand for 400mm pits. South market has a larger demand for products from 305mm pits.

Launching mode: flush type and siphon type. The purchase of toilet seats depends on the direction of sewage discharge. If it is the back, to buy flushing toilet, with the help of the impulse of water will be directly discharged dirt. The flushing sewage outlet of toilet is larger and deeper, and the dirt is discharged directly by the impulse of the flushing water. The disadvantage is that the sound of the flushing water is loud. If you are in the lower row, you should choose siphon toilet.

There are two kinds of siphon toilet, including jet siphon and swirling siphon. The principle of the siphon toilet is to siphon the sewage pipe with the flushing water to discharge the dirt. The sewage outlet is small, the noise is small, and it is quiet. The disadvantage is that the water consumption is large, and the average storage capacity of 6 liters is used up at a time.