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How Removing Stains from a Porcelain Bathtub?

Pick up a canister of abrasive cleaning powder. For thick buildup on porcelain surfaces, you’ll need to use something a little more heavy-duty. Use a product like Comet or Ajax that comes in powdered form. The small particles will be able to penetrate deeper into stains that have set up on the surface of the […]

How Removing Stains from an Enamel Bathtub?

Try cleaning with vinegar first. Though it’s a mild natural cleanser, vinegar will typically be potent enough to deal with most stains when applied heavily and given time to set up. Spray the tub down thoroughly, let the vinegar sit for a few minutes, then scrub aray the stains using a sponge or stiff-bristled brush. […]

Bathroom Decorate

Decide on a style. A bathroom cabinet should fit into its environment, so you will want to choose cabinetry that complements your home’s existing furniture and architectural details. Consider the following design elements: Doors. You may opt for open-shelved cabinets, which have no doors, or for decorative glass or solid doors. Material. Bathroom cabinets come in […]

How Removing Stains from an Acrylic Bathtub?

Avoid abrasive chemical cleaners. When cleaning an acrylic bathtub, stay away from harsh astringent powders such as Comet and Ajax, as well as harsh chemicals like bleach. Acrylic is a soft material and is therefore easily damaged. These types of products are almost guaranteed to ruin your tub’s finish. It’s generally a good idea to start […]

How Cleaning the Tile Above the Bathtub?

Run the shower on hot. With the bathroom closed, run the shower on hot for a few minutes. The steam from the shower will help release dirt and grime. Test your cleaner first. Whatever cleaner you choose to use, test it in an inconspicuous place first. You want to make sure it doesn’t damage or discolor […]

How to Clean a Bathtub?

No one likes a grimy bathtub, but no one likes to clean it either. However much you dread this task, you have many options available to make the process simpler. You can use a natural cleaning product, such as grapefruits and salt, or a commercial product to thoroughly clean your bathtub. Use baking soda paste. […]

How Cleaning a Bathtub with a Commercial Product?

Put on gloves. Some chemicals are harsh, so put on gloves to protect your skin. Clear the tub of debris. Hair and loose dirt will get in the way of your cleaning, so use the shower to wash them down the tub. Hair and debris may clog your bathtub drain, so you may want to remove most […]

How Cleaning the Bathtub Naturally?

Wash away any grit and hair. Use your shower to wash away any debris in the way. If you have a removable shower head, use it to spray around the tub. Otherwise, use a cup or small bucket to pour water around. If you have a lot of hair and debris in your tub, it’s best […]

How Maintaining Your New Vanity?

Reassemble the vanity after it’s dry. When all the pieces are dry, you can remove the painter’s tape and reassemble the vanity pieces with the hardware you stored. Re-stock it with your products, and then it’s ready to be used! Take the opportunity to do some spring cleaning. As you’re putting items back into the […]

Applying Bathroom Paint

Apply a thin coat of primer to the vanity and drawers/doors. Use a brush to cover the edges with primer, then finish by covering the flat surfaces with a foam roller. Let the primer dry overnight so the paint can sit and harden. Remember to apply primer to the drawers and doors as well. Only use […]