the skill of choosing the squatting pan

The Skill Of Choosing The Squatting Pan

the skill of choosing the squatting pan

1, look at the whole
Whether the sample is placed neatly or beautiful can reflect the attention and intention of the manufacturer to the brand.

2. Touch the surface
High grade squat toilet surface glaze and body are relatively delicate, hand touch surface will not have uneven feeling. The glaze of middle and low squat pan is relatively dark. Under the illumination of the light, it will find the pores, and the glaze and the body are rough.

3, weigh weight
High-grade squatting must be used in high temperature ceramic sanitary ceramics, the ceramic sintering temperature is over 12%, the material structure completed phase transformation, generating structure was very compact glass phase, reached the requirements of sanitary ware, porcelain, hand weigh heavy feeling.
Medium and low-grade toilet is used in low temperature, ceramic sanitary ceramics, the two kinds of ceramic because of its low temperature sintering, sintering time is short, unable to complete the phase transformation, so as not to porcelain requirements.

4, specific water absorption
The most obvious difference between high temperature ceramics and medium and low temperature ceramics is water absorption. The water absorption of high temperature ceramics is less than 0. 2%, the product is easy to clean, will not absorb odor, will not occur glaze cracks and local water leakage phenomenon.
Medium and low temperature ceramic water absorption rate is much higher than this standard, and easy to enter the sewage, not easy to clean, but also send out unpleasant odor, long time will crack and leakage phenomenon.