The bathroom of the new Chinese culture is so long

Today,the trend also swept the bathroom ,wood,carved,window sculpture,window lsttice and other Chinese yuan no longer only appear in the Hall and bedroom.Biography and modern Times yuan’s melting white.the achievements of the new Chinese style of the prevalence.

With color tuble clean crisp,empty Yan layout beautiful generous,take off the traditional Chinese to bring San redundant feeling,more a point of fresh eh.

With the biack mortar two colors of the rich literary feeling

A literary and artistic sense kitchen is the most first single dozen fit square,is all four on the dead tile or half brick half hide,groung asr white grain Tile.Plastic what also try to buy white ah,this can be combined with the background as a whole.

The hanging Ark is more advantageous to the Qing San Ji and accepts

A good quality Health Yan’s compulsory qi is:’wet and dry separation +,Giant+seek floating in the bathroom shabby.