a small method of toilet maintenance

A Small Method Of Toilet Maintenance

a small method of toilet maintenance

1, if rinse with warm water closet,hot water do not pour into the toilet, so as to avoid the explosion.

2, the toilet can not be rushed into newsprint, paper, urine pad and other easy to plug things.

3, when the blockage, immediately with a leather suction device excluded.

4, to prevent breakage and Water Leakage, do not impact ceramics, avoid hard hitting cover and seat

5, please do not use steel brush and strong organic solution cleaning, so as not to damage the product glaze, corrosion pipeline.

6. To keep the toilet surface clean and flush, please use long handle, nylon brush and soapy water or neutral detergent to clean the pipe and flushing hole. It is recommended to be cleaned at least once a week.

7, please clean the filter at least once a month, to prevent the water tank is slow.

8, please don’t use chlorine detergent in the water tank, otherwise it may destroy the device in the water tank and cause leakage or damage to the structure of the building.

how to clean the sitting toilet

How To Clean The Sitting Toilet?

how to clean the sitting toilet

Brush and wipe the sides of the basin every day. Remove the deposits and stains with detergent. Especially, clean the area under the edges carefully. After cleaning, rinse the toilet brush with clean water, and sometimes rinse with hot water and disinfectant. A toilet cleaner that uses vinegar instead of the door. Sprinkle vinegar for 1 hours and then wipe wash. Vinegar can be sprinkled.

Clean the seat ring, flush handle, water tank and all the articles around it daily. This is because many men, especially the boys, are often not used toilet toilet bowl, scattered the urine, will fall to the ground and the wall, leaving numerous bacteria. If the bathroom on the shop carpet, to use the toilet pad, and regular cleaning.

To clear the old stains, should the lavatory basin water is drained, the method is: the toilet brush strapped on cloth, and cause the toilet basin drainage hole is the same big, into the toilet bowl and quickly moved up and down, can be drained, then this bundle of cloth brush with detergent, then apply to the toilet bowl inside, as far as possible to stay longer, then rinse, if there is still a circle of stains, can have pumice or dry wet sandpaper. Don’t waste your money on toilet flushing. They’re just dye bleach containing air freshener. They don’t actually keep the toilet clean.

five factors should be considered when choosing sanitary ware in home decoration

Five Factors Should Be Considered When Choosing Sanitary Ware in Home Decoration

five factors should be considered when choosing sanitary ware in home decoration

1, the toilet does not depend entirely on the size of the water tank, mainly in the toilet, flushing and drainage systems and water tank parts design. Some toilets are small, but the flushing performance is poor; some toilets are not small, but the water tank is very low waterline, flushing performance is very good, the same can save water.

2, the general high quality sanitary ware glazed smooth, no color, needle and missing glaze phenomenon, with a hard object hitting the ceramic sound crisp. In addition, the choice of sanitary ware should also consider the elderly and children in the family, the choice of bathtubs should be equipped with handrails and anti-skid measures.

3, sanitary ware face wash, toilet, bathtub color should be consistent, and its style and bathroom tiles and wall tiles should be coordinated with the color. General bathroom ware color should be similar, basin, faucet and bathtub faucet should choose the same brand, the same style before it seems coordinated.

4, choose consumer satisfaction or after-sales service trustworthy home market. Goods than three, for the same style, the same brand of goods, from the quality, price, service and other aspects of comprehensive consideration. Invoice, contract must indicate the name, specifications, quantity, price and amount of the sanitary ware.

5, ask the merchant for environmental protection material testing report. Understand the name, address, contact person and telephone number of sales department and manufacturer in order to solve the quality problem.