teach you how to create exquisite storage type bathroom

Teach You How To Create Exquisite Storage Type Bathroom

teach you how to create exquisite storage type bathroom

Decoration of the golden rule, bathroom renovation skills secret

Bathroom corner area is generally more hidden and narrow, and if not carefully search, you can not imagine that under the eyelid incredibly hidden so many space dead space. However, the sale of ordinary bathroom furniture is difficult to fit different conditions of the small bathroom pattern. One of the most important aspects of the rule of accepting space is not to waste any valuable space. How do you make the best use of dead space?
The bathroom cabinet can overcome the humidity problem in the bathroom space. This slender wooden cabinet is very common. It usually matches the transparent door panel to make the contents clear.
Box type cabinet selection bathroom area, in addition to the essence of the function, which can receive all kinds of bath products. Wash basin below the natural space can not be ignored, is the most ideal effect of washing basin is embedded in the storage style cabinet, cabinet has split plate design, but also has a hidden pipeline effect.

There are many bathroom available places, especially in some narrow space of the bathroom, should learn to use leisure corner, with holding tools for effective storage. The ordinary clothes rack is like the bamboo pole general posture, if used in the bathroom, can wipe many towels in one time, and does not occupy too many spaces.