How to choosing Bathroom Accessories?

Your bathroom should be a comfortable space that is also functional and easy to use. Designing a bathroom to suit your needs requires an attention to detail and a practical approach to the space. Start by determining the layout of the bathroom. Choose the bathroom fixtures, like the toilet, the sink, and the shower or tub, as well as accessories like storage baskets, shelving, and a mirror. Then, create a design plan for the bathroom so you can build it to suit your needs.

Get woven storage baskets for bathroom items. To add more storage to the bathroom, look for deep woven baskets that you can slide under the sink. Put toiletries, spare toilet paper rolls, and other items in the baskets. You can also use large storage baskets to store extra towels.

Add shelving above the toilet or sink for storage. Another option is to install shelves above the toilet for candles, toilet paper, and other items. Make sure the shelves are just as long as the toilet and not too wide so they do not extend too far over the toilet. Shelves above the sink are a good option for extra storage as well. Try having one long shelf that is not too wide so you can still use the sink. You may want to put a shelf between the sink and mirror to store toothbrushes and soap to keep the countertop clear.

Put in a mirror to make the space seem bigger. Include a mirror over the sink so people can see themselves when they get ready for the day. It will also help to keep the space more open. The mirror should be as wide as the sink. If you don’t have room for a mirror over the sink or vanity, install one on the back of the bathroom door. A full-length mirror would work well here.

Include a chair or a bench if there is room. A chair by the sink or close to the door can provide some seating in the bathroom. A bench is a good option if the bathroom is going to be used by multiple people at once and you have the space for it. Choose wooden, metal, or plastic seating. If you go for an upholstered piece, make sure it is water- and mold-resistant. Make sure the chair or bench does not crowd the room or make it feel too small.

How to determining the layout of bathroom?

Have a wet zone and a dry zone in the bathroom. The wet zone is where the floor may get wet, such as by the tub or just outside the shower. The dry zone is where the floor will stay dry, such as by the door or the towel rack. Keep a good amount of space between the wet zone and the dry zone so you do not have to walk in wet spots when you use the bathroom. For example, you may have a wet zone where the toilet is next to the shower and the sink. Then, you may put the towel rack by the door to have a separate dry zone. Keep in mind you can use a bath mat to help control the water so it does not get in the dry zone.

Put the toilet in a separate area for more privacy. One popular option is to have a water closet that is next to the bathroom that contains the toilet. This makes the toilet more private and allows someone to use the shower while someone else uses the toilet. Go for this option if you have a busy household with lots of people using the same bathroom. Doing this can also allow you to have a larger shower or tub and a bigger sink in the bathroom, as you do not have to make room for a toilet. If you can’t create a separate water closet, put a half wall next to the toilet to section it off and create more privacy.

Get a bathtub if you have the space. A bathtub with rounded sides looks more sleek and be more space conscious. A square shaped bathtub will take up more space but may fit your design aesthetic more. Keep in mind that you’ll need to have hardware for a shower head as well as a shower curtain if you want to take showers as well as baths. Some bathtubs are freestanding and aren’t meant to be used as showers.

Pick a stand-up shower if you have limited space. A stand-up shower may be a better option if you do not have a lot of space in the bathroom or want to save space. A stand-up shower is a functional option for a small room. Stand-up showers can be quite luxurious, and you can make them look sleek and modern by using spa-like tiles. They can also incorporate features that a shower/tub combo may not support.

Place the sink close to the toilet. This will make it easier for someone using the bathroom to get up off the toilet and wash their hands. The sink should be a few feet in front of the toilet or adjacent to it against the wall. Do not put the sink above the toilet or too far away from the toilet, as this will make it very awkward to use.

Use dividing walls between the tub and the toilet. If you have the room, keep the different areas in the bathroom separate with high dividing walls. Put a dividing wall between the bathtub and the toilet to keep them separate. Or use a stand-up shower with a dividing wall to keep it separate from the toilet. Using dividing walls that do not reach the ceiling can keep the room separate but still open. They may be a good option if you do not want the bathroom to feel crowded or too small.

Include small windows for natural light. Put in a small window by the sink or a few feet away from the toilet to let in natural light. Frost the window glass so no one can see into the bathroom. If you include a small window in the shower, make sure it is frosted or can be obscured. Alternatively, you could install a skylight, which is a beautiful and functional choice. Plus, you won’t have to worry about privacy.

Confirm there is enough room for the door to open and close. Bathroom doors are usually 28–36 inches (71–91 cm) wide. Leave between 2–3 feet (0.61–0.91 m) of space between the door and any bathroom items, such as a sink or toilet. The door should be able to swing open and close easily without hitting any items or fixtures. If your bathroom is small, consider installing a pocket door to maximize space.

How to remodel your bathroom on a budget?

Do you want to give your bathroom a fresh, new look? Are you wavering on buying a home because the bathroom is unattractive and outdated? Are you hoping to sell your home, but you know you’ll get a better price if you update the bathroom? While the bathroom can be one of, if not the most, expensive rooms in the home to renovate, it’s really about making choices that don’t cost you an arm and a leg. There are many ways to get around the expense of the bathroom, provided you plan cleverly and put in the effort yourself. Look over these ideas for remodeling your bathroom on a tight budget.

Check the tiles. Old tiles, cracked or broken tiles and missing grout let down the look of the bathroom. Fix everything that needs fixing first and you will be amazed at the improvement. It doesn’t take long to learn how to tile and fix grout either––a little trial and error practicing and you’ll soon feel comfortable doing it yourself. The main thing with tiling is to have patience and to observe accuracy without compromise––it’s not a job you can rush.

Sometimes changing the color of the tiles can completely change the feel of the bathroom. The effort to do this can be well worth it, and tiles are generally quite affordable for the budget renovator. If you need to fix the grout, see grouting a tiles floor, regrouting tiles, whitening grout and cleaning grout.

Repaint the walls. A new coat of paint transforms a room. If your bathroom walls are covered in wallpaper, remove the old paper with a steamer (you can rent one for the weekend.) If you’re painting over paint, remove all flaked, sticky, dirty areas by cleaning and lightly sanding over them. Ensure that the walls are free of mildew and damp before painting––if you do have recurring mildew, check the source and add mildew inhibitor to your paint.

Place painter’s masking tape over all edges you don’t want painted (moldings, tiles, wood, etc.) and cover furnishings, the tub and shower, etc. with drop cloths to catch paint splashes. Paint stains cheapen the finished look, so avoid them in the first place. Neutral colors are best for longevity of bathroom style, particularly when selling the house. Stick to creams, beiges, whites and other low-key colors and use accessories to add splashes of color to the bathroom.

Consider contrasting paint colors to highlight areas, such as window sills and bathroom cabinets, where relevant and appropriate. Wait for the sales on paint if you’re really wanting to save a lot. If you know a painter, you might be able to get trade prices if he or she is willing to help buy it for you.

Refurbish bathroom wood cabinets. Sand the wood on your existing cabinets and stain it, or sand the wood and repaint it with a color that complements the bathroom walls. Be sure to use waterproof latex paint and consider using white paint. Fix any dents or broken parts of bathroom wood cabinets before painting, staining or varnishing them. Dents can be done using wood putty of the same color and then painted over. Loose parts should be nailed or glued back into place firmly. Anything loose should be screwed back on the wall or other backing to avoid any further loosening.

The small bathroom has great knowledge.

Looking at the room selection, we noticed that many units have two Bathroom, one is a public Bathroom, and the other is a Bathroom with the master bedroom. Bathroom this daily use frequency is relatively high place, when choosing and purchasing, should pay attention to what aspects of the problem?

The advantages and disadvantages of the main bedroom belt Bathroom. The master bedbelt Bathroom is more convenient, there is more private space of their own, even if three generations live together, the couple also has their own independent space. When the family has a large population, there is no need to line up in the Bathroom.

Shortcomings: The Bathroom is the place where the water vapor gathers, is humid, and the smell is relatively big, easy to float to the bedroom. Sound insulation effect is not good, the upper floor of households in the toilet flushing, bathing and other running water sound, will affect the owner’s rest. If you want to transform the Bathroom of the master bedroom into a cloakroom, small study, etc., more difficult, not easy to transform.

What should we pay attention to in choosing Bathroom? Whether there is a window in the Bathroom, it is easy to ventilate. No matter where you are, Bathroom in your home should be protected from darkness. If the Bathroom in the master bedroom has windows, the problems of dampness and odor can be solved.

Look at the location of the Bathroom, public Bathroom door should not be facing the door, to pay attention to the privacy of the Bathroom. The Bathroom of the master bedroom should not be opposite to the bed, because the large amount of water vapor produced by bathing in the Bathroom every day will rush directly to the bedroom with the air flow, and bedding is extremely easy to absorb water vapor.

Look at the pattern and size of the Bathroom. Many people like dry and wet separation and three separated Bathroom. Like to pay attention to the size and pattern of the Bathroom, whether it is easy to arrange as they like. In addition, we should pay attention to the number and location of floor drain. Bathing area needs a floor drain for drainage, and there is also a floor drain in this area. Pay attention to the location of the floor drain is reasonable, whether easy to place the shower area, but also to ensure the utilization of toilet space.

Pay attention to the privacy of Bathroom, whether it is easy to be peeped by other tenants. Some Bathroom windows are designed outside the apartment. In order to be sanitary, the Bathroom windows are set in the corridor, that is, the outside of the house. The small Bathroom has a great function. When buying a house, we should not neglect the Bathroom. We should pay attention to the matters we should pay attention.

What is the distance between the holes of the toilet?

The toilet is one of the three sanitary wares in bathroom. It is one of the essential products people need everyday. To choose a suitable toilet, first of all, have a preliminary understanding of the toilet, including the best distance to squat the pit, squat the best posture, etc. If the toilet seats are not up to standard, the toilet will be very inconvenient. Improper posture in long squatting toilets can also cause various diseases.

A beautiful shape, properly installed toilet can not only beautify the bathroom space, but also save people unnecessary trouble. To choose a toilet, first choose the right pitch. Pit spacing refers to the distance between the toilet and the sewer center, that is, the positioning size of the toilet outlet, generally 30 cm, 35 cm, 40 cm, 45 cm and other specifications. Squatting distance is the key to choose the toilet and the basis, according to the toilet room type and personal preferences, most families choose more than 30 cm or 40 cm pit distance.

During the renovation process, the toilet pit will be reserved for 2 cm, which is the distance reserved wall brick, so when installing the toilet, the distance from the center line of the sewer to the wall is actually 32 cm or 42 cm. According to your favorite style of purchase, as long as the installation error is maintained within 1cm.

Squatting toilets are divided into two types, with and without bends. The installation height should be determined according to the type of toilet used, so as to determine the reserved position of the sewer pipe. The height of the toilet with bending is generally 32-40cm, and the height of the toilet without bending is 16-20cm. The height of installation usually deviate, and the cement table should be no less than the toilet 3cm.

Squatting pit posture is required to be fastidious, experts said that if the toilet posture is not appropriate, will cause a variety of diseases, including constipation, hemorrhoids, colitis and appendicitis and so on, can be seen squatting toilet posture is very important. When we sit in the toilet, the anal-intestinal angle is about 80-90 degrees, while the squat pit is 100-110 degrees. In addition to the angle, squatting abdominal pressure, can promote defecation function, if you sit down with a small bench at the foot, so that the body slightly forward, this position can increase abdominal pressure, so that defecation function more smoothly.

The best way to choose bathroom toilet

Look at the appearance of the toilet. Careful inspection is very important. Choose toilet, the first thing to look at is the appearance, in the end what kind of toilet appearance is the best? The glaze is smooth and glossy. The quality of the toilet should be smooth without foaming and color saturation. After inspecting the outer surface glaze, you should also touch the toilet sewer, if rough, then easy to cause blockage.

Knock on the toilet and listen to the sound. High temperature fired stool has low water absorption and is not easy to absorb sewage and produce peculiar smell. Medium and low-grade toilet water absorption is very high, easy to smell and difficult to clean, a long time, there will be cracks and leakage phenomenon. Test method: tap the toilet gently with the hand, if the voice is hoarse, not clear and loud, it is likely to crack, or the product is not cooked.

need to check the weight of the toilet. The average toilet weight is about 25kg, and a good toilet is about 50kg. High-grade toilet because of the high temperature when firing, reached the level of all-ceramic, so there will be a heavy feeling in the hands. Test method: pick up the lid of the water tank with both hands, and check the weight.

Selecting structure is the most important part quality. In addition to the appearance, the selection of toilet also need to see clearly the structure, outlet, caliber, tank water, and so on, these parts can not be ignored, otherwise it will affect the use of the entire bathroom.

Many brands now have 2-3 drain holes (depending on the caliber), but the more the drain holes, the more the impact. Bathroom outlet has drainage and horizontal drainage, to measure the distance between the center of the outlet and the wall behind the tank, buy the same type of toilet to “sit apart from each other.” The outlet of the horizontal drainage toilet should be equal to the height of the horizontal outlet, preferably slightly higher.

Bathroom internal caliber test. The sewage pipe with large caliber and glazed inner surface is not easy to hang dirt, and the sewage discharge is rapid and powerful, which can effectively prevent blockage. Test method: put the whole hand into the toilet, and generally have a palm capacity.

Brand toilet and common toilet water quality is very different, because almost every family has experienced the hardship of water tank, so when choosing toilet, do not ignore the water this link. Test method: put the water part to the end and hear the button giving out crisp sound for the best. The most important inspection of toilets is the actual test, the water tank, flushing effect, water use, etc. to do a personal inspection test, so that the selection of toilets have quality assurance.

The water leakage of the water storage tank of the toilet can be determined by the sound of dripping water, which is generally not easy to detect. Test method: Put blue ink into the toilet water tank, mix well and see if there is blue water flowing out of the toilet outlet, if there is, indicating the toilet leak. The toilet should have the basic functions of scouring thoroughly.

The flush type and siphon flushing type toilets have strong discharge capacity, but only sound when flushing. The swirling toilet has large water consumption at a time, but has a good mute effect. It is recommended that direct siphon toilet can not only wash dirt quickly, but also save water. Test method: Place a piece of white paper in the toilet, drip a few drops of blue ink into the toilet, and flush the toilet when the paper is dyed blue. See if the toilet flushes thoroughly and listen to the mute effect of flushing.

The cold knowledge about toilet that you don’t know.

As a symbol of quality of life, toilets are used by more and more families and public places. The emergence of toilets not only makes toilets sanitary, but also makes many developed countries begin to attach importance to the construction of urban tap water and sewage system. It can be said that the history of toilet development also reflects the history of human civilization and sanitation.

However, it should bring convenience toilet to people, but it also brings unexpected troubles. When there is a lot of toilet outside, even if there is a squat toilet, everyone will wait in line at the door. Some people do not talk about public morality, squatting directly on the toilet, stepping on footprints and muddy water. A good bathroom will provide toilet seat pad, but some people feel unhygienic. Dirty is the only consensus that we have of public bathroom toilet.

The toilet is small and healthy is important. Try to use squat toilets in public places. Since there is no guarantee that public bathroom will be disinfected after each use, so public places should try to choose squat toilets. If the old man is not convenient to squat, use paper to wipe the washer toilet. Planners should also be considerate of the concerns of everyone, while adding more humanized design, such as public toilet crouching toilet on both sides of the safety handrail.

Cardiovascular patients choose toilets. When you go out, you’d better take a portable toilet stool, you can change the squat toilet into a simple toilet, to reduce the squat caused by the sudden rise in blood pressure on the upper body caused by the accident. Go to the toilet at home, try not to plug in the door, so that in the event of an accident, the family can be found in the first place.

Cover the toilet seat when flushing. If the toilet lid is opened during flushing, the instantaneous cyclone in the toilet can throw germs or microorganisms into the air up to 6 meters high and suspend them in the air for hours, thereby contaminating walls and other objects. We should develop the habit of covering the toilet lid while flushing.

Three days scrubbing, both inside and outside of toilet. Many people will wait until the toilet dirt after cleaning, in fact, by this time the toilet inside and outside the bacteria already dense. It’s best to clean it once every three days. If you have urinary tract infection in your home, it’s best to sterilize toilet with household disinfectant. The outer side of the toilet is also best cleaned. Use a piece of cloth instead of mixing it with other rag.

The old man’s toilet is equipped with an armrest. If there is an old person in the family, the toilet door should be opened outside. If it is opened inside, it is difficult to push the door open after the old man falls down unexpectedly. If conditions permit, the toilet should be equipped with handrails and easy-to-use ringing bells, the elderly in case of an accident can promptly notify their families.

Does bathroom need shower room?

Many people want to have a separate bathroom space, but because of the limited space in the bathroom, can only bathroom facilities and sanitary ware in one room. The shower room makes full use of the corner of the room, and clearly divides the shower area by fencing or glass, so there is a shower room.

Separation in dry and wet zone. With a shower room, the water won’t splash out when you shower with a sprinkler and wet the entire bathroom floor. Independent bath space. The toilets and toilet of basin buildings in China are mostly combined, so the installation of bathroom avoids mutual influence and facilitates daily life. Save space. Some household bathroom space is small, can not be installed bathtub, and shower room can save a lot of space.

Decorative insulation. Water vapor gathers in a narrow space, the heat will not quickly dissipate, people feel very warm, and the shower room can also play a decorative role in the bathroom. If you install a shower room, you should decide according to the size of your own bathroom. The shower room not only reduces the workload of cleaning after taking a bath, but also increases the service life of bathroom cabinet, bathroom door and other facilities.

Take care of trouble. If the shower room made of glass is not cleaned in time after bathing, it will soon form a layer of white water and alkali on the glass, which must be cleaned with professional cleaning agent. Bathing space is limited. The space of shower room is standard size generally, the shower room of common size is somewhat narrow for tall and burly person, touch glass wall or other place easily when bathing.

Bath curtain with waterproof strip, both economical and effective dry-wet separation, but remember to regularly refresh the bath curtain. The size of the glass partition needs to be measured by the designer, and the cutting work is handed over to the merchant, so the effect is very beautiful. Waterproof partition wall can not only ornament bathroom decoration, can also be separated from the wet and dry areas around, the overall effect is also very good.

The most important thing to install shower room is to see whether the bathroom area is suitable for installation. If the bathroom area is very small, the installation will make the bathroom look smaller, and its glass wall must be close to the bathtub, sink, etc., not easy to clean, it is better not to install.

How much space is it enough for the bathroom?

Bathroom function is most people choose room and decoration easily overlooked part, a suite should design several bathroom accessories, I am afraid the opinion is more difficult to unify. A room with a bathroom cabinet is absolutely genuine local tyrant. For most people, what kind of bathroom ideas is the most reasonable?

At present, the design of commercial housing, less than 90 square meters of small space more than a bathroom , 90-140 square meters of large and medium-space basically two bathroom,main bathroom +guest bathroom. Toilet mainly put three pieces of sanitary ware, that is, wash basin, toilet and bathtub or shower, so it should be more than 3 types. Otherwise, it will be inconvenient for people to turn in the inside.

In the bathroom tiles setting, if it is a bathroom  with a bathtub, the net width of the toilet should not be less than 1.6 meters; if it is a shower toilet, the net width should not be less than 1.2 meters. However, is the bathroom adequate for these designs enough? It is still not enough.

According to the three room of 120 square meters, if two generations live, most of them are four families, and three generations are at least five. Look at what functions as a “qualified”  bathroom bathtub : hand washing basin, bathroom cabinet, toilet, shower room, laundry, make-up table, and storage box. A bathroom actually needs to bear so many functions. We have to do so many things in the bathroom.

Two bathroom can do so many things, in fact, it is not enough, or will “crash”. When more and more people realized this, housing decoration began to introduce the concept of “dry and wet separation”. After the dry and wet separation bathroom is renovated, the “dry area” is used for daily washing, storing and washing, and the “wet area” is used for bath shower and going to the toilet.

This design can make the bathroom meet the different needs of the two parties in the same period, and solve the problem of “crash” in the bathroom to a certain extent. Bath shower, wash basin, toilet, wash clothes are all in a large bathroom, but they can be used at the same time, do not interfere with each other, a bathroom can allow four people at the same time.

Apart from the design of bathroom area and functional area, its distribution is also very particular. The bathroom should be adjacent to the bedroom, and the door should not be right to the living room. If the bathroom is directly facing the living room, the front room should be set in the toilet, and the washing machine can be placed in the front room. And most importantly, the size of the bathroom should be consistent with the area standard of the whole building.

Make Japanese style decoration simple style bathroom space.

Living in a noisy city, it is inevitable to yearn for fresh and natural living environment. The decoration of bathroom with small apartments is also a key point for rational planning and storage. The light and simple and generous furnishings of the Japanese style decoration, with the elegant design of the bathroom sanitary wares, add some fresh to the home, as if to bring people back to the pastoral life and feel a warm and comfortable life.

The simple Japanese style bathroom, with the main tone of the wood color, combined with the use of mosaic and the green ornament, adds a few fresh feelings to the bathroom. The white wash basin and the original wood feel the bathroom cabinet, with the pure white light, let the interior as a whole emit a soft temperament.


Small space bathroom is small, but the simplest design can also highlight the simplicity of the whole, the metope of diatom mud can help indoor humidity and taste, and the bathroom is rich in the bathroom. And the unique ceiling lamp in bathroom also makes the bathroom feel glossy and shiny.

The bath shower is an essential part of life in Japan, so the choice of bathtub is also very important to them. The round warm color light bulb is coloured with dark wall, so that every part of the wall is clearly visible, and it also highlights the clean and tidy interior.

Use white as the keynote of bathroom, clean and generous. Use colored tiles as decorations on the partition to make the space more artistic. Transparent glass has been placed as an item placing bar, and daily necessities can be placed at will, neat and convenient to clean up. The oval antique mirror brings the old flavor.

The bottom of the wash basin and the partition board create two storage materials, the bamboo basket is used to place the smaller daily necessities. The lower space can be placed in the garbage bin or the large collector basket. On the left hand side of the washing basin is a simple towel hanger, which makes the bathroom in good order. A small bookshelf made of wood at the corner is simple and novel.


Japanese style decoration is in simple and Zen. The simplest white collocation of raw wood texture often brings the best explanation to the fresh decoration style. Although the bathroom is small, it can also add a lot of clean sense to the whole by meticulous decoration, so that the interior is more clean and orderly.