introduction to maintenance skills of solid wood bathroom cabinets

Introduction To Maintenance Skills Of Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinets

introduction to maintenance skills of solid wood bathroom cabinets


1, keep the bathroom air circulation, wet and dry separation to accommodate the bathroom cabinet
Wooden bathroom cabinets have relatively harsh requirements for the bathroom environment, that is, wet and dry separation. The shower is separated from other areas, and the shower water does not splash around and keeps the space outside the shower dry. At present, the bathroom between Europe and the United States is generally wet and dry separation.

2, clean solid wood bathroom cabinets, cabinet cleaning agent best use of neutral reagents, such as: wipe with toothpaste, soft cloth wipe, is also a simple maintenance method, also can be sprayed on the cabinet.

3, avoid using alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solvents to remove stains. If there is a stain on the bathroom cabinet, we must not wipe it vigorously. We can gently remove the stain by warm tea. When the water evaporates, it will smear less light wax on the original part, and then polish it several times to form a protective film;

4, put the memory cabinet cleaning supplies, plastic pad a layer below the best cleaning convenient pad or small towel.

5, away from the heat source, to avoid direct sunlight, in order to prevent local wood cracking, deformation and local discoloration of the paint film.

bathroom cabinet installation notes

Bathroom Cabinet Installation Notes

bathroom cabinet installation notes

1, installation location: floor tile and wall tiles, to confirm the installation location of bathroom cabinet; due to the installation of bathroom cabinet on the wall is to punch, also need water inlet and water outlet, once installed in general can not be moved, so that good bathroom cabinet installation position is a necessary condition for installation before.

2. The shape and size of bathroom cabinet: after the location of the bathroom cabinet is determined, the shape and size of the bathroom cabinet can only be determined according to the installation position. When buying a bathroom cabinet, you should first measure the length and width of the reserved bathroom cabinets, and buy them at this size.

Figure 3, line pipe and wire line diagram: installed to punch drill holes punched in the wall, so it is very important to ensure the pipeline before installation diagram and circuit diagram, if broken pipes or wires on the circuit diagram to pry open the part wall, causing unnecessary losses.

4, each bathroom cabinet accessories and installation is not the same, is the size of holes of the same type (to the wall hole size) are not the same, so the general can be installed in accordance with the instructions, but the installation process is basically the same.

what are the advantages of wall mounted bathroom cabinets

What Are The Advantages Of Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinets?

what are the advantages of wall mounted bathroom cabinets

Do you know if you understand the wall mounted bathroom cabinet, bathroom cabinet wall mainly by the wall hanging, both open, put common objects, and closed the drawer can be placed, easy to damp things, small and practical, so what are the advantages of wall mounted bathroom cabinet?

Advantages of wall mounted bathroom cabinet:

As long as the bathroom space, bathroom cabinet is much bigger than the practical column: first, the bathroom has a lot to receive, there is a cabinet, can put things inside out of order; secondly, there is a table around the basin, you can easily put a lot of activities. At least one of the basins at home should be large and deep, so that clothes can be easily cleaned. Bathroom counters should be bigger as possible.

If necessary, to the bathroom cabinet above the cabinet with a mirror, and can add a lot of storage space. In order to make the best use of bathroom space, custom bathroom cabinet is a good choice, and can let the cabinets do business to you together, not only the price will have some benefits, but also style and family unity.

which is better for bathroom cabinet floor type or hanging type

Which Is Better For Bathroom Cabinet, Floor Type Or Hanging Type?

which is better for bathroom cabinet floor type or hanging type

1. Suspension: the bottom is suspended and supported by parts connected to the wall.

The hanging type requires the wall to be a load-bearing wall or a solid brick wall, which is hung under the bathroom cabinet and is easy to take care of. The toilet is sanitary and basically has no sanitary dead corners. In addition, it can effectively prevent moisture from extending into the cabinet. Insulation walls and lightweight partitions do not install such products. Therefore, the hanging bathroom cabinets are conditional requirements, to see if your home bathroom wall meets these requirements.

2, floor type: bottom touch ground, support by the ground.

Floor cabinet and hang the difference is not big, that is, do not pick the wall, although most of the bathroom cabinet wall type, but landing bathroom cabinets are also beautiful, such as the retro style of solid wood bathroom cabinets.

But under the cabinet is not good care of health, there is the cabinet is easy to damp, suitable for wet and dry separation bathroom. Floor style bathroom cabinets also have floor type bathroom cabinets, preferably placed in larger bathrooms, so as not to feel crowded, and easy to dry and wet separation.

solid wood bathroom cabinet maintenance raiders

Solid wood bathroom cabinet maintenance Raiders

solid wood bathroom cabinet maintenance raiders

Bathroom cabinet is a common product of modern bathroom. Bathroom cabinet has a wide range of materials. Solid wood bathroom cabinet is one of the most popular materials. Solid wood and accident, in the modern bathroom, by the vast number of consumers. But, because of the special environment of the bathroom, the solid wood bathroom cabinet is easy to be affected by congenital factors, and it will affect the maintenance strategy of the solid wood bathroom cabinet. Then, how to maintain the solid wood bathroom cabinet?

Bathroom cabinet installation, please be installed by professionals, pay special attention to the protection of the surface of the cabinet, so as not to damage the surface, affecting the appearance, is strictly prohibited to crash, in case the cabinet broken.

When using the bathroom cabinet, you should always check in and out the water outlet, and you should avoid spraying water. If you have water droplets, apply cloth to dry.

Smooth placing articles, heavy items should be placed in the bottom of the bathroom cabinet; the inside of the cabinet should not be placed overweight items, so as not to cause stress and deformation of the top and bottom, while ensuring the safety of the process of taking and placing articles.

The door and drawer of bathroom cabinet should be opened with proper force. Please don’t slam it so as to ensure the safety and prolong the service life.

For the sake of bathroom cabinet maintenance, recommended once every ten days to regular cleaning, cleaning can use neutral detergent and soft cloth, do not use detergent corrosive and high strength tools (such as iron brush, stainless steel cleaning ball etc.) wipe the bathroom cabinet, bathroom cabinet so as not to damage the surface.

Once the bathroom mirror is installed, please don’t move or disassemble it. Don’t hit the mirror with the object so as not to break the lens. Don’t let the children alone or push and pull the bathroom mirror.

bathroom cabinets do not mildew what are the unique skills

Bathroom Cabinets Do Not Mildew, What Are The Unique Skills?

bathroom cabinets do not mildew what are the unique skills
1, To stop water seep into the wall design

Generally speaking, 50% of the moisture in the bathroom comes from the ground, and the design of the bathroom cabinet through the wall can avoid the problem of direct moisture absorption at the bottom, while taking advantage of the maximum space efficiency.

2. Use waterproof material with good moisture resistance

Ordinary families inside the bathroom space, often because of the small number of Ping, it is difficult to truly dry and wet separation, therefore, in the selection of bath cabinet material, composite panels can provide better waterproof.

3. Provide rubber buffer for silencing buffer

Usually in connection with the cabinet door, will install anti-collision function with the edge of the rubber, which can reduce noise can also be closed, water blocking in the cabinet outside the comprehensive.

4, Corrosion resistance, rust resistant hardware accessories

A hinge, slide selection, to fully consistent with the opening and closing use, such as rust corrosion will affect the sealing effect, so the corrosion resistance and rust resistant metal parts, also can prolong the service life of the bath cabinet.

what are the considerations for bathroom cabinets

What Are The Considerations For Bathroom Cabinets

what are the considerations for bathroom cabinets

First, look at the bathroom cabinet four edges and corners of quality

Glass bathroom cabinet generally refers to the toughened glass bathroom cabinet, and a disadvantage of tempered glass is the biggest four corners easily broken, so the decoration owners in the selection of glass bathroom cabinets, the best look at the four corners of the quality of the bathroom cabinet, to see whether it is strong, it is best to choose a bathroom cabinet the four corners rounded sharp edges, too easy to cause injury. Thickness of glass bathroom cabinet is about 12, almost 15MM, not too thick or too thin, too thick glass bathroom bathroom cabinet  cabinet will look very heavy, too thin and not durable, 12 – 15MM is a suitable thickness.

Second, check the surface quality of bathroom cabinet

As to see whether there is a bubble in the glass, if there is a bubble, it shows the  bathroom cabinet quality is not good; or, if the  bathroom cabinet basin surface patterns, mainly look at the  bathroom cabinet industry pattern on the surface texture is clear, only clear texture, texture and smooth the bathroom cabinet is high-quality  bathroom cabinet .

some knowledge of cleaning and maintenance of bathroom cabinet

Some Knowledge Of Cleaning And Maintenance Of Bathroom Cabinet

some knowledge of cleaning and maintenance of bathroom cabinet

The bathroom cabinet should be handled gently when it is moved, and should not be dragged; when it is placed, the ground should be uneven and the legs should be laid down.

Bathroom cabinets do not use water to wash, usually with a damp cloth gently wipe, so as not to water corrosion. The cleaning agent is best used in neutral, and toothpaste is readily available in the bathroom. It is also a good detergent.

Do not put in the sun exposure bathroom cabinets, to maintain fresh ventilation, dry and wet separation, to develop the habit of opening windows.

Bath cabinets often put some soap, facial cleanser and other cleaning supplies, careless flow of detergent is best cleared immediately, or a layer of cloth under the cleaning supplies.

When installing the water inlet pipe and the water pipe, it should be tightly connected and should be checked regularly, so as to avoid leakage and influence the cabinet.
Avoid the product, the use of other chemical components of solution to corrosion.