solid wood bathroom cabinet maintenance raiders

Solid wood bathroom cabinet maintenance Raiders

solid wood bathroom cabinet maintenance raiders

Bathroom cabinet is a common product of modern bathroom. Bathroom cabinet has a wide range of materials. Solid wood bathroom cabinet is one of the most popular materials. Solid wood and accident, in the modern bathroom, by the vast number of consumers. But, because of the special environment of the bathroom, the solid wood bathroom cabinet is easy to be affected by congenital factors, and it will affect the maintenance strategy of the solid wood bathroom cabinet. Then, how to maintain the solid wood bathroom cabinet?

Bathroom cabinet installation, please be installed by professionals, pay special attention to the protection of the surface of the cabinet, so as not to damage the surface, affecting the appearance, is strictly prohibited to crash, in case the cabinet broken.

When using the bathroom cabinet, you should always check in and out the water outlet, and you should avoid spraying water. If you have water droplets, apply cloth to dry.

Smooth placing articles, heavy items should be placed in the bottom of the bathroom cabinet; the inside of the cabinet should not be placed overweight items, so as not to cause stress and deformation of the top and bottom, while ensuring the safety of the process of taking and placing articles.

The door and drawer of bathroom cabinet should be opened with proper force. Please don’t slam it so as to ensure the safety and prolong the service life.

For the sake of bathroom cabinet maintenance, recommended once every ten days to regular cleaning, cleaning can use neutral detergent and soft cloth, do not use detergent corrosive and high strength tools (such as iron brush, stainless steel cleaning ball etc.) wipe the bathroom cabinet, bathroom cabinet so as not to damage the surface.

Once the bathroom mirror is installed, please don’t move or disassemble it. Don’t hit the mirror with the object so as not to break the lens. Don’t let the children alone or push and pull the bathroom mirror.