small bathroom decoration design skills

Small Bathroom Decoration Design Skills

small bathroom decoration design skills

1, due to the small type bathroom often range is narrow, so should use the shower curtain instead of glass partitions, if this separator adopts glass as the shower area, would look very cramped, so in this bathroom space, should shower area in the corner with the 1/4 circular shower curtain as partition of dry and wet area the.

2, in the bathroom cabinet, one is a very good way, generally speaking, this area has a wash, makeup and other functions, so it needs both storage cabinets and toiletries, there must be a dressing mirror, and in this way it will be the two together, but also greatly reduce the cost of renovation.
3, as everyone knows, the mirror has extended the utility of so few mirrors installed in the bathroom, this is the most simple decoration method, also mirror the luminous effect also makes the space more transparent and bright.

4, although the range is narrow, but there must be regional amenities to storage, for example wall type products is a good choice, but also like the combination of bath mirror cabinets and realizing the dual utility function, the other wall hanging type basin not only absorb ability, but also not the ground space, but also to take care of convenient ground.

5, pay attention to the quality of life for some users, the dress is bound to carry out the division of the region, for example, dry wet partition will make life more in order, because the bathtub occupied area, so we can use the shower screen to create a shower, transparent resin glass, which will not affect the visual effect, but also can make the bathroom with a bright debut posture.