Selection and purchase of sanitary ware

Toilet decoration costs in housing decoration costs accounted for a very large proportion, then we can choose inexpensive shopping bathrooms to save money? The toilet is divided into one-piece toilet, two-piece toilet and wall hung toilet. According to their actual needs and toilet area to choose the appropriate toilets. A small toilet can be built with a wall hung toilet, and an area with ample toilet can be connected with one-piece toilet and two-piece toilet.

To observe the quality of the toilet, we need to start from four aspects. First, we should observe the ceramic surface. The more luster is, the better the density is. It can effectively prevent water vapor from permeating. Then we can compare the water-saving performance from 3 liters or 6 liters of specifications, and finally check whether the structure of each part of the toilet is firmly connected.

Bathroom cabinets mainly include four kinds of solid wood bathroom cabinets, ceramic bathroom cabinets, PVC bathroom cabinets and acrylic bathroom cabinets. The solid wood bathroom cabinet is made of dehydrated solid wood as the base material. The appearance grade is high and the waterproof performance is good, but it is heavy and easy to crack, and it needs good maintenance. Ceramic bathroom cabinet is clean and easy to handle, but it is easy to be damaged. PVC bathroom cabinets are more glossy in appearance, lighter in cabinet and better in waterproof performance, but PVC bathroom cabinets are susceptible to deformation. The acrylic bathroom cabinet is similar to the PVC bathroom cabinet, but it is crisp than the PVC cabinet. It is easy to produce scratches and cracks.

The quality of bathroom cabinets can also be viewed from four aspects. First check the appearance to see if the bathroom cabinet is damaged, cracked or deformed. First check the appearance to see if the bathroom cabinet is damaged, cracked or deformed. Then check whether the bathroom cabinet glaze is smooth, the surface is cracking. Then check whether the bathroom cabinet components are tightly connected, and whether the use is smooth. Finally, the anti fouling capacity of the bathroom cabinet can be tested by writing and erasing.

Wash basins are mainly divided into table wash basins, vertical wash basins and corner wash basins. The table wash basin is suitable for large bathrooms, and the material is mostly marble or granite. Vertical wash basins are suitable for medium size toilets. Corner wash basins are suitable for small bathrooms because they are very small. In addition, we need to choose the type of wash basin according to the number of faucets, so we need to plan the number of perforation ahead of schedule.

Compare the quality of the wash basin according to the glaze quality of the ceramic wash basin. Under high light, observe whether the glaze appears sand eye and point. If the glaze is smooth and smooth, it represents the anti fouling ability of the wash basin, easy to clean and have good antibacterial effect. In addition, the water absorption of the glaze is also an indicator of the quality of the washbasin. The lower the water absorption, the better the quality of the wash basin, because the glaze with high water absorption will expand and crack, and the test water absorption can be compared by dropping ink on the surface of the ceramic.

Sanitary ware hardware accessories include faucet, shower, rack, corner valve, soap net, clothes hook and so on. Hardware accessories are divided into pure copper fittings, stainless steel fittings, aluminum alloy fittings, zinc alloy fittings. Because of the complexity and complexity of these accessories, it can be compared and analyzed through these aspects. First of all, look at the brand. Generally speaking, the higher the brand awareness, the better the after-sale. Then look at the material, material and price are closely related, avoid buying inferior material accessories. Finally, look at the appearance of hardware fittings of sanitary ware, from the degree of finish and wear resistance.

The selection of sanitary fittings and hardware accessories also needs to be considered from the use environment and purpose, and can not be blindly purchased. If it is not matched, it will be very troublesome. For example, washbasins for bathroom spaces usually use single or double faucets. Bathtubs and shower rooms usually use triple lead. There is also the choice of sprinkler time, according to the size of toilet area to choose, small area on the use of portable sprinkler, large area on the top of the choice of sprinkler.