how to clean and maintain massage bath

How To Clean And Maintain Massage Bath

how to clean and maintain massage bath

1, massage bathtub and soft cloth is not available or the composition of chlorine containing ketone. The disinfectant containing formic acid and formaldehyde shall be prohibited during disinfection.

2, It is recommended to clean the Jacuzzi with a particulate cleanser that can be mixed with water and avoid using detergents for ceramic tile or enamel surfaces.

3, do not put liquid detergent containers on the surface of the bath for a long time. Do not use sprays or concentrates or other similar cleaning articles.

4, please don’t let nail polish, nail polish, dry liquid detergent, acetone, paint remover or other solvent contact with acrylic surface.

5, corrosive detergent stays on the acrylic surface will cause damage, pay attention to after each use thoroughly clean acrylic surface, don’t let cleaning agent into the circulatory system.