how to choose basin faucet

How To Choose Basin Faucet ?

how to choose basin faucet

Water is indispensable to our daily life quality of life, a good faucet can be used for many years, a poor quality faucet can be easily broken, faucet although small, but in the Home Furnishing in status is important, any family every day without water, always close frequent contact with small faucet.

Look at the surface of the Basin Faucet: the coating is brilliant

After the basin faucet is polished and cast, the surface should be nickel plated or chrome, in order to prevent the basin faucet from oxidizing. After the nickel plating or the chromium, the middle pot hydrochloric acid test should be carried out on the water tap of the basin. After the test, the coating should be free of rust at a certain time. It is understood that only through the neutral salt spray test basin faucet can leave the factory.

When consumers buy, the best faucet placed in a well lit place upon the faucet surface should be bright as a mirror, without any signs of burning, oxidation spots, no pores, no bubble, no leakage, uniform color plating; touch no burr, sand; pressing with a finger tap, fingerprints quickly spread. And it is not easy to dirt.

Turn the handle of the Basin Faucet: supple and relaxed

The valve core of a common basin faucet has a steel ball, a valve core and a ceramic valve core. The steel ball core has good resistance to pressure, but the disadvantage is that the rubber ring which is sealed can be easily damaged and will soon be aging. Compared with the steel ball valve, the ceramic valve core is more heat-resistant and wearable, and the ceramic valve itself has good sealing performance, so the high resistance can be achieved, and the water leakage of the faucet is not caused by the abrasion of the valve core. With ceramic valve head, the handle is more comfortable and smooth, and opens and closes quickly.

As the valve core in the basin faucet, consumers can not see the valve when buying, but consumers can handle the handle to determine the spool is good or bad. Generally speaking, consumers on the upper, lower, left and right rotation handle, if feel light, no blocking feeling, it shows better spool.