How is the most cost-effective decoration bathroom? Which items can’t save money?

Modern decoration requires both practical function and personality style, the budgeting is often difficult to control. The use rate of bathroom space is relatively high. If we cost-effective everywhere, problems such as rework and maintenance will happen often. The loss outweighs the gain. Therefor, furniture and decoration costs also have room for advance and retreat. Safety should be placed in the most important position. In the selection of floor tiles, skid resistance should be considered. At the same time, the human body will directly touch the ground and choose materials to pay attention to quality. Matte rustic tiles should be adopted with good skid resistance. The floor decorative tile is smaller than the wall area. The spacer placement can save the budget. The tiles with the same color should be separated by one tile or above.

The low cost bathroom to create a natural texture wood floor can be replaced by ceramic wood tiles, which also has the characteristics of natural design, elegant color and easy collocation with other sanitary ware. Laying the applique tiles in the bathroom can improve the monotonous bathroom style. In actual construction, the cost of laying tiles is much cheaper than that of mosaic. When the special-shaped handmade tiles are laid on the ground, the gap between tiles and tiles should be controlled within 8mm, and the height of the sealant can be levelled with the tiles.

The bathroom shower is a place of multi-channel water and electricity collection, in the early decoration, the quality of the water pipe, wire and so on, and wiring to meet the requirements, to avoid the problems caused by the design, selection of material leakage of leakage of water. With the expansion of space, more functions, more and more electrical appliances in the bathroom, such as if the installation of intelligent toilet cover, the overall bath room and so on, the decoration should be reserved first, so as to avoid rewiring more trouble in the future.

The water pipe transformation of the bathroom is the most laborious, to save this part of the cost, the pipeline will go to the clear line, no slotting treatment, and later maintenance can save a lot of cost. The bathroom is decorated in black and white style, simple and generous. The upper and lower pipes of sanitary wares are made of metal materials, which have long service life and are not easy to damage. The space collocation has been ingeniously designed, and the gray cement wall tiles is fitted with imitation ceramic tiles, elegant and warm, satisfying the practical function and beautiful.

The quality of the glass used in the shower room is closely related to the safety of the bathroom. The good tempered glass is generally difficult to break, and it will not hurt when it is broken. Therefore, we should choose the brand of good quality and good reputation as much as possible. In addition to the professional brand shower room, the shower area can also use a variety of partition to separate dry and wet, common glass partition, and wall combination only need to install one side, less cost saving. At the same time, the installation of the shower screen base can be omitted. The base mainly plays the role of thermal insulation and water promotion. The material is mostly acrylic, and is commonly used in common shower room design. Use the glass wall to separate the bathing area, the ground uses the step transition, creates the semi closed bath space. The glass partition is fixed directly by hardware, and it needs no space to get better permeability. used a wall as a partition to separate the wash area from the bathing area. The tile is painted inside the washroom and the exterior is painted with waterproof paint. The key part is reinforced. The most commonly used floor drain is the floor drain type. The more advanced space can be made of wall type, preferably with S bending to prevent upward odor.

Small space or low budget can give up the overall bathroom cabinet, with a transparent iron platform can save space and leave more positions for the legs. The mirror cabinet and the local cupboard are more suitable for small space and complete the functions of the bathroom. In order to reduce the cost of decoration, you can choose a simple and simple style in the foundation decoration, with ancient bronze, metal basin faucet or headlamp. Use cement to build a washstand. When the platform is suspended, you can place objects in storage basket. The wall entry basin faucet is strong in decoration, but the size must be accurately measured in advance, otherwise it will not be installed and will affect the use. The basin has no special furniture, saving costs with shelves, the following directly into the storage rack, in the collection, as far as possible installation of classified towels and towel, and wash toiletries, keep clean.