Have you learned how to decorate bathroom?

Don’t belittle a small bathroom. How much do you know about decorating the bathroom? Summarize the following tips to make your bathroom beautiful and practical.

Bathroom pipe setting
Classification of bathroom pipes: It is mainly divided into upper and lower pipes, as well as hot and cold water pipes.
Bathroom pipe setting: Not only to consider the pipe of bathroom, toilet and hand wash, but also to take into account the problems of water and water on the electric appliances such as solar energy, washing machine and so on, and avoid the embarrassment of retaining the washing machine pipe. In the bathroom between dry and wet separation, it is suggested that a faucet should be reserved in the bathroom for cleaning, washing mops, cleaning the floor, and keeping the bathroom clean at all times.

The choice of lighting
Luminance of lighting: Brightness can be soft, general lighting should be selected incandescent lamp.
Bathroom lamps and lanterns: Waterproof and safety should be chosen as the selection standard. Glass or plastic waterproof lamps should be selected.
Lamp decoration: Everyone’s aesthetic will be slightly different. They should choose according to their interests and tastes.
Lighting installation: During installation, too many lamps and too low height are prone to splash, collision and other accidents. At the same time, too much lighting and too low height will affect the overall appearance of bathroom. So the number and height of the lighting should be moderate.

The treatment of floor tiles and wall tiles
Wall and floor tile construction: After leveling, the walls and floor tiles are waterproof, and the leveling and waterproofing of the bathroom is well handled. It can also avoid the two rework in the later stage.
The selection of wall and floor tiles: The choice of bathroom floor tiles should be clean and easy to handle. The accumulation of hair, foam and dust will breed bacteria. In order to be healthy, these stolen goods should be disposed of in time.
Wall and floor tile modeling: The color, style and collocation of wall and floor tiles are based on personal taste.

Selection of material for ceiling
There are many shapes of the ceiling, and there are many materials for matching.
Flat top ceiling: Choose PVC buckle plate, aluminum button plate, plastic aluminum plate and so on, and light steel keel is easy to fix.
Art ceiling: The dome ceiling can choose soft board, such as waterproof board, soft plate, plastic aluminum plate, and then decorated with colored glass.

The layout of the bathroom
The composition of the bathroom design can be roughly divided into three parts: Toilets, bathroom and face wash area. Therefore, the choice of bathroom products should be matched according to the functions of the area (bathroom, bathroom bath, face beauty area). At the same time, the layout should be arranged according to personal habits.

The electric power of the toileted
Bathroom appliances include water heater, washing machine, solar energy, dry hand, bathing bully, ventilating fan and so on. Caution should be kept away from bathing places, because splashing of water in shower may cause rusting or even leakage of electric appliances. Also, if solar energy is allowed to be installed, try to install energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly solar energy.

Storage bathroom cabinets
There are more small items in general bathroom, such as shampoo, shower gel, conditioner and skin care products. There is no room for storage in bathroom, it will be messy. It is suggested that the bathroom cabinet should be set up, and it will be a lot of comfort to put small articles into the cupboard.