optional skills for a round bathtub

Optional Skills for A Round Bathtub

optional skills for a round bathtub

1,Look at the glossiness. By looking at the surface gloss, understanding the quality of the material, suitable for any kind of material bathtubs.

2,Test the firmness of hands and feet. The firmness of the bathtub is related to the quality and thickness of the material. It is impossible to see it visually. It is necessary to try it in person. If there is gravity, for example, if you stand in it, do you feel sunken?

3,Touch the surface smoothness. Apply to steel plate and cast iron bathtub, because these two bathtubs need to be plated enamel, plating process is not good, there will be a slight ripple.

4,Listen to the sound. Buy high-end bathtubs, it is best to buy at the “test the water”, listen to the sound. If the massage bath motor noise is too large, can not enjoy, but instead become a burden.

5,Look after service. In addition to product quality, brand, cost-effective, after-sales service is also an important factor consumers should consider, such as whether to provide on-site measurement, installation services.

how about a round bathtub

How About A Round Bathtub?

how about a round bathtub

The shape of the bathtub is different from the ordinary bathtub. The shape of the bathtub is oblong, while the round bathtub is regular circle. The round bathtub has a large depth and a relatively small diameter, which can give people a different bath experience. The round bathtubs are mostly wooden tubs, with high cost performance. Nowadays many high quality hotels choose wooden circular bathtubs, which are upscale, comfortable and comfortable.

There are many manufacturers of circular bathtub size can be customized according to the needs of the family, if not customized, then the size of the circular bathtub is generally divided into radius of 80 cm, 75 cm, 70 cm, 60 cm. In which 70 cm round bathtub size is common in the general family. In choosing the size of the round bathtub, be sure to choose the height and size of the user, too big or too small will affect the comfort of the bath oh.

On the market round bathtub material is generally divided into ceramic, cast iron, wooden, but in. Ceramic circular bathtub modelling is rich, light weight, good surface finish, the price is cheap; cast iron circular bath weight, easy to clean, durable, but the price is high; the wood like circular bathtub density, good corrosion resistance, good heat preservation performance, but the high price volatility. Therefore, when choosing the material of the round bathtub, it is necessary to combine the actual situation of the family.

wall hanging toilet size and purchase notes and purchase notes

Wall hanging toilet size and Purchase Notes

wall hanging toilet size and purchase notes and purchase notes

Wall mounted toilet size – area size

The first thing to consider according to their own bathroom space when wall hanging toilets in the choice of size, because some of the bathroom is relatively large, some are small, so when the choose and buy yourself on the size of the bathroom, and then decide the size of wall hanging toilets, so as to pick out for its size. Toilet wall width is usually 30-50cm, the length is about 62-70cm. There are many types of wall hanging toilets in the market, so there is no uniform standard size.

Wall hanging toilet size – life habits

Each person’s living habits are different, wall hanging toilet size should be based on personal habits, and if too large or too small, for some people, the use will feel very inconvenient. The toilet is closely related to living habits, so the choice of toilet size is very important.

Wall toilet size – bathroom wall size

When the bathroom toilet installed in the choice of size, must be based on the wall area, because after all, have installed water tank and so on, if the wall area is small, so the toilet is not suitable for large size to buy, if the area is not small, you can according to their own habits to buy a medium.

Wall hanging toilet size – price question

The decoration of the house is a very expensive thing, wall hanging toilets in different sizes, prices are not the same, should be measured according to their own funds, of course the quality is certainly high price is also high, but sometimes forced, some money is not so much, so when the choice, the price is also the key to select the size of where.

Wall mounted toilet dimensions – cleaning

Some toilet in the automatic cleaning is not very convenient, will be particularly strenuous, which makes the choice of when people are worried, so wall hanging toilets size selection is not only on the one hand, should also take into account other factors. So we must pay attention to these details when we choose, in order to avoid a series of troubles.


Toilet Standard

toilet standard

1, look at the surface
When purchasing the toilet to see whether the uniform, the thickness of glaze color is consistent, more important is to see whether there are porcelain glaze removal and severe needle phenomenon, affect the appearance of porcelain body. High quality toilet sitting enamel thickness uniform, feels no obvious concavity, the color is pure, also does not allow removal of glaze, but does not allow more or larger needle, but part of a small needle is not obvious is the process can not be avoided. Consumers in the choice, the key is to grasp whether the impact of porcelain use and beauty of this principle.

2, select flush mode
The choice of flushing mode depends mainly on the size of the bathroom space. Generally, the split toilet occupies more space, and the integral toilet takes up less space. In addition, the split toilet appearance to be more traditional, the price is relatively cheap, Siamese toilet to appear new and high-grade, the price is relatively high. In addition, we should also pay attention to the outlet is lower drainage or horizontal drainage. Siphon type, its drainage capacity is small, is the mainstream of the current market. In addition, consumers may wish to try straight suction siphon toilet, it has both advantages of straight, siphon, both to quickly wash dirt, water can also play a role.

3, see accessories
Water tank fittings are like the heart of a toilet and are prone to quality problems. When buying, pay attention to the choice of accessories, good quality, with water injection, low noise, strong and durable, can withstand the long-term immersion of water, without corrosion, can not afford to scale.