cleaning method for various material bathtub

Cleaning Method For Various Material Bathtub

cleaning method for various material bathtub

1, cast iron bathtub

For cast iron bathtubs, they usually clean with clean water, and then rinse it with a cloth. If there is a stubborn stain on the bathtub, it is better to scrub it with a mild detergent, so that it will be thoroughly cleaned.

2 ,  acrylic bathtub
In addition to the bathtub made of cast iron, acrylic bathtubs are the most popular and popular in the market. The acrylic bathtub clean, best every week to clean it again, but with a sponge or soft cloth, this is to protect the bathtub, prolong its service life.

3, wooden bathtub
For people who love bath, the wooden bathtub is a better choice. Because it is difficult and easy to clean wooden bathtub, so usually used to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, sewage clean, and then use the cloth and detergent to scrub. As the wooden bathtub is easy to mold and damp during use, the ventilation of the bathroom should be kept well, so that it will be a good help for the maintenance of the bathtub.

clean bathroom 4 fine: make bathroom clean and bright

Clean Bathroom 4 Details: Make Bathroom Clean And Bright

clean bathroom 4 fine: make bathroom clean and bright
1, the toilet

To add the right amount of water in the toilet, take the toilet brush to clean it, then pour about 5-10 ml of detergent or hydrochloric acid solution, scrub with a brush coated evenly, such as dirt heavier, can pour a little detergent soaked after brushing, and then washed with water until clean, dry clean.

2, shower head

The dirt surface of the nozzle after cleaning with pliers and unscrew the nozzle outlet interface, the filter inside the clean water nozzle is not smooth, with a needle to each outlet patiently through it, if the needle tip is sharp, and no patience with brute force to dredge it is likely the damage caused to change the direction of the water outlet.

3, bathroom cabinet

When cleaning the bathroom cabinet should pay attention to good, do not choose a dry cloth, so as not to scratch the surface, to avoid the water washing, to avoid corrosion, if the surface stains, can not use alcohol, gasoline and other chemical solvents, a better choice of neutral cleaning agent.

4, bathtub

Clean the bath generally have three methods can be used in vinegar, rag soaked in vinegar, then cover the stains on the next morning, the baking soda and vinegar tune into a paste, and then use the brush to clean, it is easy to clean; outdated old newspapers can also be used to clean the bathtub; in addition the above two, generally is the most commonly used special bathtub cleaning agent, bath can not only remove stains, and time-saving, no damage to the surface of the tub is good, clean bath method.

teach you how to create exquisite storage type bathroom

Teach You How To Create Exquisite Storage Type Bathroom

teach you how to create exquisite storage type bathroom

Decoration of the golden rule, bathroom renovation skills secret

Bathroom corner area is generally more hidden and narrow, and if not carefully search, you can not imagine that under the eyelid incredibly hidden so many space dead space. However, the sale of ordinary bathroom furniture is difficult to fit different conditions of the small bathroom pattern. One of the most important aspects of the rule of accepting space is not to waste any valuable space. How do you make the best use of dead space?
The bathroom cabinet can overcome the humidity problem in the bathroom space. This slender wooden cabinet is very common. It usually matches the transparent door panel to make the contents clear.
Box type cabinet selection bathroom area, in addition to the essence of the function, which can receive all kinds of bath products. Wash basin below the natural space can not be ignored, is the most ideal effect of washing basin is embedded in the storage style cabinet, cabinet has split plate design, but also has a hidden pipeline effect.

There are many bathroom available places, especially in some narrow space of the bathroom, should learn to use leisure corner, with holding tools for effective storage. The ordinary clothes rack is like the bamboo pole general posture, if used in the bathroom, can wipe many towels in one time, and does not occupy too many spaces.

bathroom maintenance toilet how to clean

Bathroom Maintenance: Toilet How To Clean?

how can the bathroom cleaner be cleaned

Now, the family bathroom decoration, most of them choose to install toilets, toilets are also commonly known as toilets. Compared to the toilet squatting pan is more humanized, and the installation appearance, however, because the toilet is easy to breed bacteria, direct contact with the human body, if not clean, is more likely to affect the health of their families. Especially in the new year before arrival, to bathroom toilet to a thorough cleaning.

1, before cleaning, pay attention to ventilation
Before cleaning the toilet, ventilate the bathroom and open the bathroom window or exhaust fan. At the same time, remove all the things from the water tank on the toilet.

2, clean tool preparation
Before cleaning, ready to clean tools, generally need to use the tools of detergent, toilet brush, brush, cloth, gloves, if necessary, can wear goggles or glasses is commonly used to prevent the liquid from splashing into the eyes.

Cleaning tools selection notice: toilet should use soft cloth clean, disable strong acid, strong carbon and decontamination powder clean, don’t use volatile agent, diluent and other cleaning, otherwise it will corrode glaze. Also, be careful not to use sharp brushes such as wire brushes and razor blades.

3. Clean the inner wall of toilet seat
Place the detergent around the inner wall of the toilet, and then cover the toilet for a few minutes. You can start cleaning the outside of the toilet seat during the period. After a few minutes, open the toilet cover, wash the closet with a toilet brush, especially the water outlet device inside the toilet, to focus on cleaning up. After cleaning, press the water outlet button, flush the toilet seat again with clean water, and rinse the toilet brush with water.

4. Clean the toilet and the outer circle
The toilet ring is the part that contacts with the human body, and the bacteria and the dirt that are absorbed and detained are the most. Therefore, when cleaning the toilet, it is important to clean the toilet. Can be wiped with a dishcloth on the wipe, if the set of gaskets, gaskets must be regularly cleaned, disinfected. As for the outside of the toilet, clean the toilet, the water tank, the flush button and the toilet edge. Clean the toilet and clean it. For some sanitary corners that are not easy to clean, use an old toothbrush to clean them.
The toilet should not be cleaned until the cleaning is done. It is also necessary to keep it clean in daily life. At the same time, when you use, you can pay attention to some conservation matters, the toilet seat, the use of more long-term, conducive to health.

1. Flush the toilet lid
One of the easiest to ignore when using and cleaning toilets is that they don’t have lids when they flush. You know, if the lid is opened when the water is flush, the instant cyclone in the toilet can bring the germs into the air and float in the air, and then fall to the wall and the articles. It is easy to be polluted by bacteria. Therefore, the daily use of toilet, it is necessary to develop the toilet cover when flushing toilet habits.

2, do not rush into easily blocked goods
The toilet can not be filled with newspapers, paper urine pads, sanitary napkins, etc., which is easy to cause blockage. If you accidentally fall into the toilet, you should take it out in time.

3, daily attention to protection
Do not put the toilet in the sun can direct to the place, or directly near the heat source near or exposed to smoke in the office, otherwise easily lead to surface discoloration; at the same time, don’t set a hard object, such as a water tank cover, washbasin, toilet seat until the bucket, easy to scratch the surface or cause cracking; in addition, in order to avoid damage and Water Leakage, don’t hit the toilet, to avoid hitting against the cover plate and the seat ring.

solid wood bathroom cabinet maintenance raiders

Solid wood bathroom cabinet maintenance Raiders

solid wood bathroom cabinet maintenance raiders

Bathroom cabinet is a common product of modern bathroom. Bathroom cabinet has a wide range of materials. Solid wood bathroom cabinet is one of the most popular materials. Solid wood and accident, in the modern bathroom, by the vast number of consumers. But, because of the special environment of the bathroom, the solid wood bathroom cabinet is easy to be affected by congenital factors, and it will affect the maintenance strategy of the solid wood bathroom cabinet. Then, how to maintain the solid wood bathroom cabinet?

Bathroom cabinet installation, please be installed by professionals, pay special attention to the protection of the surface of the cabinet, so as not to damage the surface, affecting the appearance, is strictly prohibited to crash, in case the cabinet broken.

When using the bathroom cabinet, you should always check in and out the water outlet, and you should avoid spraying water. If you have water droplets, apply cloth to dry.

Smooth placing articles, heavy items should be placed in the bottom of the bathroom cabinet; the inside of the cabinet should not be placed overweight items, so as not to cause stress and deformation of the top and bottom, while ensuring the safety of the process of taking and placing articles.

The door and drawer of bathroom cabinet should be opened with proper force. Please don’t slam it so as to ensure the safety and prolong the service life.

For the sake of bathroom cabinet maintenance, recommended once every ten days to regular cleaning, cleaning can use neutral detergent and soft cloth, do not use detergent corrosive and high strength tools (such as iron brush, stainless steel cleaning ball etc.) wipe the bathroom cabinet, bathroom cabinet so as not to damage the surface.

Once the bathroom mirror is installed, please don’t move or disassemble it. Don’t hit the mirror with the object so as not to break the lens. Don’t let the children alone or push and pull the bathroom mirror.

bathroom maintenance coup

Bathroom Maintenance Coup

bathroom maintenance coup

Newspaper cleaning law

The newspaper, for the removal of dirt and hair, the surface of the newspaper, now many people should have, it is also a kind of clean easily, put some hot water in the bathtub, and then open the newspaper, put in the bathtub, floating in the water, after a period of time, the newspaper has hair out gently, dirt and newspaper.

Silk stockings cleaning law

Silk stockings very easy and convenient, clean, can also avoid the wear clean stockings melted into a ball, wipe the surface gently, this method what benefits? Silk stockings are very thin, will not scratch the surface, and no detergent.

The cleaning method of white liquor alcohol, can remove dirt, can also remove the odor, the fine liquor is diluted with water, and then spray and wipe again in the bathtub, deep dirt, first with a brush dipped in clean white alcohol, no matter when, to maintain ventilation, it can also shed.

Routine maintenance method

Bathtubs should be cleaned not only in time, but also in daily use. When cleaning, use a neutral detergent, and the tools should be soft, clean and dry. Don’t put anything metallic in the bathtub, or rust will contaminate the bathtub.

how to choose shower

How To Choose Shower

how to choose shower

First, see whether the surface coating is smooth and smooth.
Generally speaking, from the surface of the shower, the naked eye can see the more bright and delicate, the better the plating process.

Two, look at the merits of the material.
Most of the plastic used for ordinary showers, high-quality showers generally use copper tube, copper pipe percussion sound crisp, cast iron pipe sound muffled. Or you can hold the tube 2, 3 seconds after the release, such as pipe body mist lingering, it is very likely that the cast iron pipe, if left hand tube almost no change, basically you can determine copper.

Three, look at the shower switch spool material and service life.
Quality shower switch valve core is made by special process, high hardness ceramic made, the service life to meet the national standard of 200 thousand times.

Four, look at the sprinkler function.
Many showers in addition to a variety of water functions, there are energy-saving, self-cleaning, constant water temperature and other diversified functions, and some showers there are multiple sprinklers. According to the actual situation of their own, select the right function, the less function, of course, the lower the price.

Five, look at the intensity of irrigation.
This should be based on their own water pressure, and if the house adopts water tower and other equipment, the water pressure is low, low pressure sprinkler should be used to ensure that in low pressure circumstances, the sprinkler water has a certain degree of irrigation. Of course, under normal circumstances, the water pressure less than 1.5 kilograms in the most suitable shower use will cause pressure, water pressure is too small a shower, the shower can not be used normally.

summer decoration guide let messy bathroom instantly refreshing

Summer Decoration Guide: Let Messy Bathroom Instantly Refreshing

summer decoration guide let messy bathroom instantly refreshing
Sliding mirror, cabinet, reasonable use, storage

As far as the whole bathroom space is concerned, it is necessary to reserve a cabinet for all kinds of toiletries, which can ensure the clean and comfortable space of the whole bathroom, as well as bath and toilet.

In addition to the column has a special wet packing area, inside the cabinet is designed specifically for hidden waterproof socket, plug in electrical appliances such as small bathroom, very humane.

Wall hanging bathroom product

In the improvement of the small family bathroom, the use of recessed approach: for example, one of the bathrooms will be hollowed out, processed into a shelving, placed debris. In addition, can also consider using wall mounted bathroom products, such as wall mounted washbasin, toilet, bathroom products that can save about 10 cm space than ordinary bathroom products, so that the narrow toilet becomes more spacious.
a small method of toilet maintenance

A Small Method Of Toilet Maintenance

a small method of toilet maintenance

1, if rinse with warm water closet,hot water do not pour into the toilet, so as to avoid the explosion.

2, the toilet can not be rushed into newsprint, paper, urine pad and other easy to plug things.

3, when the blockage, immediately with a leather suction device excluded.

4, to prevent breakage and Water Leakage, do not impact ceramics, avoid hard hitting cover and seat

5, please do not use steel brush and strong organic solution cleaning, so as not to damage the product glaze, corrosion pipeline.

6. To keep the toilet surface clean and flush, please use long handle, nylon brush and soapy water or neutral detergent to clean the pipe and flushing hole. It is recommended to be cleaned at least once a week.

7, please clean the filter at least once a month, to prevent the water tank is slow.

8, please don’t use chlorine detergent in the water tank, otherwise it may destroy the device in the water tank and cause leakage or damage to the structure of the building.

how to clean the sitting toilet

How To Clean The Sitting Toilet?

how to clean the sitting toilet

Brush and wipe the sides of the basin every day. Remove the deposits and stains with detergent. Especially, clean the area under the edges carefully. After cleaning, rinse the toilet brush with clean water, and sometimes rinse with hot water and disinfectant. A toilet cleaner that uses vinegar instead of the door. Sprinkle vinegar for 1 hours and then wipe wash. Vinegar can be sprinkled.

Clean the seat ring, flush handle, water tank and all the articles around it daily. This is because many men, especially the boys, are often not used toilet toilet bowl, scattered the urine, will fall to the ground and the wall, leaving numerous bacteria. If the bathroom on the shop carpet, to use the toilet pad, and regular cleaning.

To clear the old stains, should the lavatory basin water is drained, the method is: the toilet brush strapped on cloth, and cause the toilet basin drainage hole is the same big, into the toilet bowl and quickly moved up and down, can be drained, then this bundle of cloth brush with detergent, then apply to the toilet bowl inside, as far as possible to stay longer, then rinse, if there is still a circle of stains, can have pumice or dry wet sandpaper. Don’t waste your money on toilet flushing. They’re just dye bleach containing air freshener. They don’t actually keep the toilet clean.