the installation method of the whole bathroom is explained

The Installation Method Of The Whole Bathroom Is Explained

the installation method of the whole bathroom is explained

With the development and improvement of the design, the whole bathroom has a new interpretation: that is, in the limited space to achieve washing, bathing, dressing, toilet and other functions of the independent health unit. It uses an integrated waterproof chassis, panels, and cover of the overall framework, and sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, bath screen, bathtub, faucet, shower, tile accessories, such as integration into a whole environment.

Overall bathroom installation steps:

1, sit process toilet: check the ground sewer pipe, nozzle, flat is to draw a good mark to play, with putty, hole rubber pad, a screw on the nut and the water tank on the back of the two side hole drilling, bolt insertion mark, drawing, twisting, hanging back water tank.

2, wash basin process: expansion bolt inserted, twist firmly, pot basin rack hanging good: the basin on the shelf to find the formation of water to connect: washbasin, straightening, water connection.

3, the process of bath tub installation: to sewer installation, and installation, water tight sealing putty leveling and alignment test.

4, the process of the shower: cold and hot water pipe with smooth tube, a short amount for size, installed in the shower nozzle, water inlet with lead oil, copper wrapped nut, fixed on the wall, the upper tube installed in the three opening, wood screws fixed on the wall.

5, bidet: hot and cold mixed switch, the Watergate door cover, installed to the Watergate doors installed, cold and hot nozzle rotating core outlet nut, the Watergate hybrid switch on nut, installed three gate door cover to magnetic basin installed to install the nozzle to install to install portable nozzle to adjust the positioning rod.

toilet installation faq

Toilet Installation FAQ

toilet installation faq

Common problems and solutions of toilet installation

Question 1: after the toilet is installed, can not stand against the wall?

This is related to the selection of the toilet drain distance and the distance of the reserved blowdown pipe from the wall. Some toilet sewage discharge distance from 210mm, 305mm, 400mm three specifications. Under normal circumstances, allow the installation of size 190-210mm, 285-305mm, 380-400mm, that is to say the toilet back, 20mm away from the wall clearance, the purchase should be based on home reserved sewage pipe actual distance from the wall size control, allows the selection of toilet installation size specifications. If the sewage pipe from the wall distance is dead and not standardized, without proper drainage from the toilet when the choice, can buy 1 shifters to adjust. Shifter generally can increase or decrease the maximum distance of the center about 100mm.

Question two: how do you maintain the back of the toilet with a high back?

Toilet parts because of the more complex, and the use of high frequency, affected by water quality and so on. Generally install angle valve, hose, filter, to facilitate the daily maintenance of the toilet. Normally the inlet angle valve is mounted on the side of the toilet and 200mm high above the ground. For this kind of high back toilet, the angle valve is installed on the back of the toilet and is blocked by the toilet after installation. In order to facilitate maintenance, manufacturers in production, taking into account these reasons, usually in the lower part of the toilet, there are maintenance holes. Maintenance can enter the internal switch from the maintenance hole inlet angle valve, or from the upper part of the water tank to the water tank cover is opened or removed to repair, the complete set of product maintenance.

Question three: toilet drain button, press down, can not play or loose, why?

This is related to the quality of the product. It can not be played because the spring is not elastic and loose because it is not locked. Regular manufacturers of buttons, in the warranty period and the number of required use does not occur in this case. But some manufacturers of poor quality of production, the number of times and shelf life will be relatively short.

how to clean the bathroom sink

How To Clean The Bathroom Sink?

how to clean the bathroom sink

Wash basin cleaning method

Prepare the cleaning tools, such as cloth, detergent, brush and so on. The ring water wash basin surface opening are most likely hiding garbage place, so if there is a litter with trash first clip clip together; then the clean wash basin surface cleaning agent, then dry carefully wipe with a rag; plug ring Launching port wipe with a rag to small, when available brush with cleaning brush. After cleaning, pay attention to wiping the surface water with a dry cloth.

Points for attention of cleaning and maintenance of ceramic washing table

Ceramic washbasin cleaning and maintenance is relatively simple, as long as the use of cloth after wet add detergent can clean up, don’t use strong friction cloth. Daily dust, sand, etc. should be removed in time to prevent wear and tear of the surface. When the surface scratches on the ceramic pots, can scratch painted some toothpaste, with a soft cloth to wipe repeatedly, then wax.

Points for attention of cleaning and maintenance of glass washing table
Glass washing table, if you often use soap or facial cleanser and other things to wash your face, it is easy to form a layer of dirt in the basin, it is difficult to clean, you can use vinegar or neutral detergent, or toothpaste and other things clean.

Winter wash basin maintenance precautions: heat conduction of ceramics and the minimum rate, hot or cold easily broken, in the winter the temperature is very low, more should pay attention to not use hot water washing basin.
Hand washing table cleaning method has more than a few, this is one of the important components of bathroom, comprehensive bathroom cleaning, different places need special treatment.

bathroom renovation which toilet flushing is more convenient

Bathroom Renovation: Which Toilet Flushing Is More Convenient?

bathroom renovation which toilet flushing is more convenient


Toilet flush way has straight style and siphon type, each of these two ways have their own advantages and disadvantages, users can choose their advantages and disadvantages when selecting, which is best suited to their own.

Straight into the toilet flushing is very simple, is to use the water itself gravity and speed the dirt washed clean, the pipeline has the advantages of simple structure, short path pipe thick, not easy to be blocked, even after using the toilet to toilet paper and throw it in is not easy to be blocked. But the straight flush toilet has a relatively loud sound. It is easy to wake up the family if it is installed in the house and gets up at night. The biggest disadvantage of this toilet is very easy to make a stink in the home, because the pipeline is straight, the smell from the pipeline to diffuse throughout the room, but also in summer easily from the pipe out mosquitoes. Straight flush toilets are now newly renovated houses are rarely used, mostly public toilet used more.

The main way of siphon toilet flushing is to use the suction of the pipe in the toilet and a certain water level drop force to discharge the dirt. The water storage area of the toilet is large, and the noise when flushing is very small, because the suction force is large, the flushing is relatively clean, and the toilet surface does not leave some unclean filth. Siphon type toilet pipe is bent, the smell is not easy to play, relatively clean. There are many ways to flush the siphon toilet in the market now. There are vortex siphon toilets, flush methods, and flush toilets. But siphon toilets are more likely to clog up and do not throw waste paper into the toilet. Siphon toilets are prone to flush toilet problems and are more troublesome.

bathroom raiders sprinkler shopping

Bathroom Raiders: Sprinkler Shopping

bathroom raiders sprinkler shopping

1, choose sprinkler must see the water saving function, is to choose when to shower the key point. Some shower using steel ball valve, and with regulating water control, can adjust the inflow of hot water into the mixing tank, so that the hot water can quickly and accurately outflow. This kind of design is more reasonable, sprinkler than ordinary water saving 50%.

2, and secondly, look at the nozzle, should pay attention to whether the shower is easy to clean. The shower outlet plug is often due to accumulation of impurities caused by the screen cover, shower with a long time will inevitably have scale deposition, if you can not get cleaned up, some holes may be blocked, in order to avoid clogging the outlet due to poor water quality, shower nozzle design sophisticated often prominent in the outside, easy to clean.

3, and then look at the coating and spool, in general, the surface of the shower more bright and delicate, the process of coating the better. The spool made of high hardness of the ceramic, smooth, wear-resisting, prevent leaking, consumers must begin to turn the switch to try, if feel poorer, it is best not to buy this shower.

4, shower accessories should pay attention to such as water pipes and the lifting rod is flexible, hose with steel wire bending capacity, is connected with the shower ball bearing anti twisted, the lifting rod is provided with a rotary controller etc..

bathroom purchase installation bathroom three recipes

Bathroom Purchase: Installation Bathroom Three Recipes

bathroom purchase installation bathroom three recipes

Buy toilet sanitary ware should pay attention to water means and water consumption, water closet flushing common way is divided into straight, siphon and wash down three. According to reports, the straight type because of flushing noise and easy to anti flavor, has gradually withdraw from the market, deodorizing water-saving siphon type and blunt down style has become the mainstream of the market. Siphon are quiet water closet, not easy to anti taste, wash down the sewer is wide, relatively large impact.

According to the materials of the bath is divided into ordinary steel bathtub, acrylic bathtub, cast iron bathtub, the cylinder, in general, ordinary steel bathtubs and easy to clean, other than a single; acrylic bathtub modelling is rich, but shorter life expectancy, aging is not easy to clean; cast iron bathtub has the advantages of long service life, high quality, but the price is high handling, installation is more troublesome. The bath accessories and accessories like toilet bowl, basin, different needs of different types of bath accessories, its role and significance can not be ignored.

Buy the wash basin, should be the first to choose sometimes sizes and styles according to the actual situation of the toilet area, if the area is small, the general should be chosen column basin  because of the small size of the bathrooms using column basin can enhance toilet aerate feeling; if the area is larger, can choose each basin, because the basin can enhance the sense of quality. In addition to modeling, the basin should pay attention to the quality of the glaze, because the glazed surface does not hang dirty, the surface is easy to clean, and the long-term use is still bright as new. When the choice, but to the light, viewed from the side of the ceramic glaze should be good, no splash, pinhole, sand holes and bubble, the surface is very smooth.

bathroom decoration 4 tips on how to expand bathroom space

Bathroom Decoration: 4 Tips On How To Expand Bathroom Space

bathroom decoration 4 tips on how to expand bathroom space

On normal terms, the biggest problem facing small type decoration is limited space, so in the decoration design and construction above, should take full account of the rational use of space.

The first step: unified tone

Although the color of a riot of colours beautiful but will undoubtedly make little space more crowded, white, blue, yellow and other light colored, extended view effect. Therefore, it is better to change the toilet color to a uniform light color system so that the area can be effectively expanded visually. If you think it is too monotonous, you can work on the wall waist line down and down, smooth lines of flower pattern waist line is a good choice.

The second step: position as required

Most of the three pieces of traditional bathroom are lined up next to the main wall, but for smaller spaces, they may be more crowded, or even less laid. So for small toilet, not so standard. And the toilet is not necessary, must be in the middle of the wall, in the corner of the two walls can be used as normal. In the same way, the bathtub can be chosen as long, square or even round according to the size of the space.

The third step: Mirror increases the space

The use of large area glass mirror “transform” the bathroom, can be placed two large mirrors, side wall, the side sloping roof, not only cover the sewer upstairs tenants, the small space is full of change, there is a sense of hierarchy. The reflection of a large area of glass is enough to make the bathroom produce an “enlarged” visual effect.

The fourth step: lighting, ventilation is very important

Small bathroom between the most bogey dark, will make the original little space looks more cramped. As a result, the bathroom lighting is good, it is particularly important. The use of frosted glass as a partition wall, you can make the light wanton flow, increase the sense of permeability of space, but also as a way to expand visual effects.

bathroom maintenance: how to clean the toilet?

Bathroom Maintenance: How To Clean The Toilet?

bathroom maintenance: how to clean the toilet?

1, before cleaning, pay attention to ventilation

Before cleaning the toilet, ventilate the bathroom and open the bathroom window or exhaust fan. At the same time, remove all the things from the water tank on the toilet.

2. Clean tool preparation

Before cleaning, ready to clean tools, generally need to use the tools of detergent, toilet brush, cloth, gloves, if necessary, can wear goggles or glasses is commonly used to prevent the liquid from splashing into the eyes.

Cleaning tools selection notice: toilet should use soft cloth clean, disable strong acid, strong carbon and decontamination powder clean, don’t use volatile agent, diluent and other cleaning, otherwise it will corrode glaze. Also, be careful not to use sharp brushes such as wire brushes and razor blades.

3. Clean the inner wall of toilet seat

Place the detergent around the inner wall of the toilet, and then cover the toilet for a few minutes. You can start cleaning the outside of the toilet seat during the period. After a few minutes, open the toilet cover, wash the closet with a toilet brush, especially the water outlet device inside the toilet, to focus on cleaning up. After cleaning, press the water outlet button, flush the toilet seat again with clean water, and rinse the toilet brush with water.

4. Clean the toilet and the outer circle

The toilet ring is the part that contacts with the human body, and the bacteria and the dirt that are absorbed and detained are the most. Therefore, when cleaning the toilet, it is important to clean the toilet. Can be wiped with a dishcloth on the wipe, if the set of gaskets, gaskets must be regularly cleaned, disinfected. As for the outside of the toilet, clean the toilet, the water tank, the flush button and the toilet edge. Clean the toilet and clean it. For some sanitary corners that are not easy to clean, use an old toothbrush to clean them.

The toilet should not be cleaned until the cleaning is done. It is also necessary to keep it clean in daily life. At the same time, when you use, you can pay attention to some conservation matters, the toilet seat, the use of more long-term, conducive to health.

toilet cleaning takes only three steps

Toilet Cleaning Takes Only Three Steps

toilet cleaning takes only three steps

One, white vinegar + cola

Pour the right amount of white vinegar into the toilet and soak for about ten minutes. Then soak the vinegar with a rag and wipe the dirty area around it. Finally, press the flush button to flush the toilet, and the toilet will glisten. At the same time, pour a cup of coke into the tank, let the coke in the toilet water tank overnight, so that the coke inside the carbonic acid fully dissolved stains, and then go to the toilet, flush the toilet, you can solve the unpleasant smell.

Two, baking soda + hot water

The common life of baking soda also has strong cleaning ability, the amount of baking soda sprinkled on the toilet inside, and then pour hot water for 20 minutes, this method is simple and reliable, can effectively remove stubborn yellow rust, so the toilet white.

Three, lemon water + toilet detergent

Toilet surface looks dirty, does not mean no bacteria, can be sprayed with lemon water, covering for a period of time after washing and drying, can effectively remove bacteria. In addition, remember in the toilet water tank into a disposable auto cleaning agent for toilet cleaning, can play a very good sterilizing effect.

cleaning method for various material bathtub

Cleaning Method For Various Material Bathtub

cleaning method for various material bathtub

1, cast iron bathtub

For cast iron bathtubs, they usually clean with clean water, and then rinse it with a cloth. If there is a stubborn stain on the bathtub, it is better to scrub it with a mild detergent, so that it will be thoroughly cleaned.

2 ,  acrylic bathtub
In addition to the bathtub made of cast iron, acrylic bathtubs are the most popular and popular in the market. The acrylic bathtub clean, best every week to clean it again, but with a sponge or soft cloth, this is to protect the bathtub, prolong its service life.

3, wooden bathtub
For people who love bath, the wooden bathtub is a better choice. Because it is difficult and easy to clean wooden bathtub, so usually used to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, sewage clean, and then use the cloth and detergent to scrub. As the wooden bathtub is easy to mold and damp during use, the ventilation of the bathroom should be kept well, so that it will be a good help for the maintenance of the bathtub.