How should be decorated the bathroom without windows?

No window toilet decoration must use a light color system based on white. It can make the space more light and bright, and also reflect light. The light is not enough and the light comes together. Main lamp and local lighting. For example, bath area lighting, wash area lights, mirror headlights, wall lamps, so that there is a sense of space and bright. The lighting should be considered as uniform as possible, and the headlights should be enhanced. Also, you can arrange double control switches outside the bathroom, so that the lights can be opened before entering the bathroom.

Add a window. We can open a window without windows. If the exterior of the house is not damaged, we can open the room by ourselves, such as opening a window between the rooms on the side. A window is installed between the bathroom and the bedroom, and the blinds are installed. The appearance and mood are good. It can be used as a reference for improving lighting. If you feel that the washroom and the bedroom window, afraid of the tide affect the bedroom, you can open the window after sealing a glass, so not only to solve the problem of lighting, but also will not have tidal gas invasion. If it is the main guardian, it can simply smash the wall and transform it into a transparent internal shield of the whole glass. The curtain can be added outside, and privacy will not be a big problem. If it is the secondary, the outside is the living room or other public space, the window may involve the privacy, in fact, glass brick or grind glass is a good solution, can improve the bathroom lighting, and consider the privacy.

Moisture-proof. First must be dry and wet. The bathroom without windows is old and honest with a completely dry and wet separate shower room. The shower curtain is really chicken ribs here. The waterproof splash is still available, but the barrier to water vapour is useless. Moisture removal equipment. Some of the bathing bully module has the function of dehumidification, or if the problem is serious, it can also increase the dehumidifier in the later period. When the water and electricity are done, you can leave one more socket for the later use. Whether it is a window toilet or a toilet without windows, the problem of waterproofing is very important. The common waterproof problem is not to say, if it is the window toilet renovation when the window or change to glass, the wall should be well waterproof work, glass and other materials to link the location of glass glue.

The paint is waterproof, the bathroom in the general residence is small, and the pipeline is worn through the floor. Nowadays, the material used as waterproof is generally paint. The following are the two kinds of waterproof coating used in toilet water. Synthetic polymer waterproof polyurethane coatings (such as corners need to add polyester cloth, glass fiber cloth, etc.).

The bathroom should be leveled on the ground before the waterproof treatment, and the ground will look for the slope in the direction of floor drain. Cement mortar or pea concrete can be used, but the surface should be smooth. The slope near the entrance is small, and the slope near the floor drain is large. The ground is not flat. When the waterproof coating is painted, it may be painted uneven, or the ground is easily cracked because of the uneven surface. So even if the coating is applied to the ground, it will lose the waterproof effect as the ground is cracked.

The pipe root needs to strengthen the water proof, the pipeline passes through the floor of the floor, should strengthen the waterproof, seal the pipe root with the building seal, then use the cement to smooth, brush the waterproof coating and attach the glass cloth to the 1~2 layer. Toilet waterproof wall treatment, wall treatment needs clean flat light, no floating ash, small particles, wall ground intersection into small original angle or slope angle, brush waterproof coating with glass cloth reinforced layer 1~2 layer. Polyurethane waterproof coating thickness, the total thickness of polyurethane waterproof coating requires more than 1.5 millimeters, can not depend on the number of times, the pipe root, wall corner strengthening layer first brush, dry after a large area of brush, smear scraping, do not have leaking, bubbling, large area brush after a day after curing the next layer.

Toilet waterproof painting, first brush the facade and brush the plane, the next brush direction and the vertical, the last time when the film semi – solidified, throw the coarse sand, easy to combine with cement mortar in the future. Toilet waterproof ground brush requirements: the ground waterproof layer should be painted out of the bathroom outside the 30CM, waterproof floor waterproof layer should be high out of the ground 20CM, the bathroom wall waterproof layer with shower should be high out of the ground 180MM.

You have to know waterproof about home decoration, otherwise you will lose a lot

Renovation of new houses is bound to carry out hydropower transformation, which will damage the waterproofing layer of the original developers. Therefore, the new house decoration must be waterproof. As an important part of the family decoration process, skilled waterproofing materials are used for skilled workers. The market price accounts for about 1% of the decoration cost.

The waterproof area method in the house decoration is: the waterproofing area between the bathroom (square meter) = [(the ground circumference between the washroom – the door width) * 1.8 meters (high) + (ground area)], the kitchen waterproof area (square meter) = [(the kitchen ground circumference – the width of the door) * * * 0.3 meters (high) + (ground area)]. Generally, the thicker the waterproof coating is, the better the waterproofing will be as long as the national acceptance standard is 1.5mm thick.

The main waterproof parts of the decoration include the floor and wall of the bathroom, the floor and wall of the kitchen, balcony and basement. If it is a building on the first floor, all floors and walls should be treated with waterproofing and moisture-proof. In addition, the inner wall water pipe grooves should also be waterproof. If the original drainage and sewer pipes or floor drain locations are altered, the waterproofing measures must be strengthened at the periphery. The most easily neglected waterproofing area is a balcony. Exposed balconies must be waterproofing because they are exposed to external environment, so as to avoid rain water and other environmental water seepage downstairs. Even if it is not exposed balcony, because most users will use the balcony as a place for washing clothes, they are usually waterproof. In addition, when pipes and floor drain cross the floor, the waterproofing layer around the hole must be carefully constructed.

Taking into account the safety and overall waterproof effect of bathroom. The general sprinkler or sprinkler is installed at about 1.8 meters high. If the waterproof is low, the long spray will cause the water to soak through the Toilets wall, which will cause the wall to be mildew, the wall decoration layer will fall off, and the washroom waterproofing effect will be lost. The non shower wall can do 1.5 meters in principle, but in order to strengthen the waterproof effect, it can also achieve 1.8 meters in uniform. For light wall and self built light wall modified by Restroom, it is recommended that waterproof height be the top. Similarly, kitchen wash dishes, washing kitchen utensils also have different levels of water spillover, so the kitchen ground and the wall over 0.3 meters to do waterproof, in the installation of the wall of washing dishes 1.5 meters to set up the best waterproof layer.

Is waterborne waterproof coating must be environmentally friendly? No, it is not. Most of the waterproof coatings on the market are water-soluble materials. Some businesses confuse the concept of water-soluble waterproofing coatings as environmentally-friendly materials, which are more environmentally friendly than oil soluble waterproofing coatings. In fact, this statement is inaccurate. Water solubility or oil soluble waterproof coating, as long as the national environmental protection certification, such as China environmental certification certification or CTC China building materials certification, these materials are environmentally reliable, can be used safely. From the comprehensive analysis of all aspects of information and supermarket sales situation, the most popular waterproof coating on the market is acrylic waterproof coating.

Once the waterproof is finished, then it will be tiled. If the toxic and fake materials are chosen, it is like burying a poisonous “gas bomb” at home, and it is difficult to replace it. The simplest way to distinguish is to look at the packaging first, and whether it meets the requirements of the external packaging of the brand product. If the color is distinct and the handwriting is clear, label the product name, net weight, place of production, certificate of conformity, etc. according to the specifications. Most famous brands have their own anti-counterfeiting labels, which should be noted when buying.

Bathtub cleaning and maintenance

The use of bathtub is very popular, many family bathrooms will have a bathtub, in modern fast, high pressure of life, to ease fatigue, relax the body and mind is not a bath in a hot bath in the bathtub. Yes, the bathtub does bring us boundless comfort.

The daily cleaning of bathtub can be done with general liquid detergent and soft cloth, not by washing with ketone or chlorine water. Disinfectants containing formic acid and formaldehyde are prohibited during disinfection. If there are scratches or cigarette burns on the surface of the bathtub, polish them only with 2000# water abrasive paper, then apply toothpaste, and polish with soft cloth. The scale on the surface of the bathtub can be rubbed with soft towel with light acid detergent, such as lemon juice and vinegar.

Hydraulic friction device cleaning: 40 degree C hot water filled with bathtub, 2 grams per liter to add cleaners, start hydraulic massage for about 5 minutes, stop pump drainage, and fill up with cold water, start hydraulic massage for about 3 minutes, stop pump drainage and clean the bathtub. The surface of the cylinder is dirty. Wipe it with wet towel and neutral detergent. This process can be repeated three times, and it will be bright and clean. Do not use hard objects or blade to strike the surface of the bathtub. At the same time, cigarette butts or heat sources above 70 degrees C should not be allowed to touch the surface of the bathtub. Do not use rough surfaces and utensils, clean cylinder surfaces containing chemical solvents or particles. When backwater and nozzle are clogged with impurities such as hair, they can be screwed down.

Do not use more than 80 degrees of hot water, such as repeated use of hot water will reduce the service life of the cylinder, the correct way is to put cold water before putting hot water. Do not start the water pump in the bathtub without water. In hydraulic massage, avoid debris or other articles blocking the backwater outlet, causing too much water pump overload, causing the pump to overheat and burn up the pump.

Nowadays, the baths on the market are mainly acrylic, steel plate and cast iron, of which the sculpt of the Alex bathtub is rich, the heat preservation effect is good and it is easy to clean, but the hardness of its surface is low and the surface is easily scratched. Although the steel bathtub is smooth on the surface, it is not resistant to impact, so it is easy to be cracked. And cast iron bathtub is more heavy, in the process of handling is easy to be hit out of the crack, and no matter what the bathtub, after the use of a long time, there will be a variety of conditions. Because of the high cost of the bathtub, the sale value on the market is also high, so facing a series of problems, generally will not be replaced, but to carry out the bathtub maintenance.

Bathtub maintenance is aimed at different faults. The common faults of the bathtub include: the bathtub can not be flooded; the bathtub is leaking; the bathtub is not energized or the leakage switch is switched off. Can’t adjust the size of the bathtub massage water. The bathtub control panel cannot start. This is the most common fault of the bathtub. The bathtub is not energized or the leakage switch is switched off. The size of the bathtub massage water can not be adjusted according to the failure of the massage bathtub. Different malfunctions require different maintenance methods.

The method of maintenance of the bathtub is corresponding to the fault, in which the bathtub does not water in general is the faucet and the foreign body is blocked, so the maintenance method is to clean the foreign body; the maintenance method of the bathtub leakage is to check the spool of the faucet valve spool and the seal ring. Then the replacement can be done; the massage bathtub is not energized, usually due to the poor contact of the power cord or the leakage of the power circuit, and the corresponding maintenance can be done. If the hydraulic size of the massage bathtub can not be adjusted, it is very likely that the suction of the pump is not enough, it needs to be checked and repaired, or the nozzle is blocked, and the dredging can be restored to normal.

The causes of the cracks in the bathtub are divided into cold cracking, thermal cracking and impact cracking. If the crack is serious, it is suggested that the professional should be invited to repair it; for the small cracking, the adhesive of the corresponding bathtub material can be used to bond, of course, to choose the nontoxic and harmless adhesive to the human body. After cleaning the bathtub and wiping dry, you can use the glue. After it is dry, it can be tested to see if the water is leaking. If it doesn’t leak, it can be put into normal use.

Design techniques for bathroom dark doors worthy of reference

The bathroom is a very special area in the home. It is not only a place for people to go to the toilet, but also a place for people to clean the body, so it needs more attention when the function area is decorated. Due to the consideration of aesthetics and geomantic omen, many people will make the washroom door into a secret door. What are the kinds of toilet doors and design skills? The following articles will share with you on these issues and look forward to helping those in need.

Sliding doors, such doors have no door frame, no door locks and door locks and so on hardware, so people call it invisible door. In order to integrate the door with the wall, many people will design the door to be a push door, the wooden push door open is the sanitary, which not only saves space, but also ensures the beauty of the bedroom.

180 degrees revolving door, if you do not like to push the door, you can also design the dark door to 180 degrees of rotation door, the dark door and wall color and pattern are the same, as if the invisible invisible. The use of this kind of secret door can not only make the living room more beautiful, but also use it very conveniently.

The living room bathroom door, the modern style living room, if open a door next to the TV wall, will affect the overall beauty, using the dark door design, because the dark door has no other door frame and door design, and decorated with the same as the background wall ornaments, the dark door and the whole living room of the perfect combination of style, not only play the role of decoration, but also shielded the lack of the visual effect of the toilet.

Under the stairs, the washroom door, in order to facilitate the use, a lot of people will design a bathroom design below the staircase, the same is the use of the dark door design, the dark door and the wall in color to ensure consistency, from the appearance that there is no bathroom here, very good to do the secret.

The hidden door in the bedroom, for health and the use of convenience and other aspects of consideration, many people will be in the bedroom to design a bathroom cabinet, in order to make the bedroom more beautiful. At the same time, in order to avoid the water vapour to the bedroom in the bedroom, the design of the dark door is also adopted. The design of the door is the same as the bedroom background wall. It is not only simple and fashionable, creative, but also able to form a whole with the surrounding environment, and the sense of space is more unified.

It is very important to do wet and dry separation in the bathroom. The effect of the glass partition is much better than the shower curtain, but the glass of the bathroom must be selected for the special toughened glass. There are many inferior glass in the market, and the temperature may explode at a high temperature. If kitchen and bathroom space is not large, it is not recommended to use dark tones, so it is easy to feel depressed. It is suggested to choose a neutral color such as gray. Don’t choose too much white. There is a skill for bathroom tiles, that is, wall pressing technology. This method can make the seam between the wall and the ground in a plane state, and the washroom will have a gradient, so even if the ground has water, it will flow to the ground leak with the slope, and will not produce too much water.

There are skills in choosing a home bathroom faucet, BARANA tells you how to choose it.

The faucet is indispensable in every family. In the general family, the faucet is basically divided into three categories: bathtub faucet, shower faucet, bidet faucet, basin faucet, kitchen mixer taps.

To facilitate the use, the kitchen mixer taps should be selected higher and the outlet should be very long. It is best to extend to the top of the drain and not splash. In view of the characteristics of functions, it is best to have the following functions:
1.Cold and hot water. Because now there are cold and hot water pipes at home, why not use it, at least in winter wash dishes are not afraid of cold.
2. Rotatable. Generally, the kitchen dishes in the kitchen are larger and there are more things. So the best span is to rotate.
3. It can be pulled. It’s easy to pull. It can be washed everywhere without dead ends. Especially if you don’t want to touch things directly, water can’t reach you. Pulling can help you solve this problem.
4. multi mode. Multi mode refers to the effect of water, shower and ordinary water.

The function of basin faucets is to wash your face, brush your teeth and wash your hair. Wash your face will not explain, for brushing teeth do not like to use tooth cups, like the direct use of the mouth of the crowd, you can choose upward spray function of the faucet. Wash the head, you can choose to have pulling function. If you think it is not convenient to wash your hands with one hand, please try to choose the size of the nozzle directly.

The shower is divided into three parts: shower head, shower tube and shower tray. The good or bad of the shower faucet, the first look at the weight. The shower rod is mostly round in the market. If you want to choose a good choice, try to choose a thick pole, and the wall will be thicker. It will be as heavy as a solid metal stick. The base is used to control the outlet water and adjust the temperature. Generally, the mixing water valve is used to adjust the temperature. Some shower showers are equipped with thermostatic valves. General cold and hot water out of thermostatic valve will automatically match, adjust the temperature, hold the red safety button, adjust the temperature settings counterclockwise, the technology is more mature. But the average family is not recommended, because there is no import thermostatic valve with cheap shower faucet.

In water taps industry, there are four kinds of general materials, the best copper, stainless steel, zinc and copper, and zinc alloy. Zinc alloy faucets have good physical properties, low melting point, convenient processing and casting, low cost and low cost, and ideal polishing effect. However, there is a fatal defect: lead, and unstable. His chemical characteristic is that parts exposed to water and air will oxidize and fall off. The meaning of the zinc coated copper faucet means that it is a zinc alloy outside, and the inside is copper. The flow of water into the copper body does not pass through the zinc alloy. It is like a large tube outside the tube, which can effectively save the cost.

Stainless steel is also good and bad, not all stainless steel is the same, such as 304 stainless steel and 201 stainless steel. At present, only 304 stainless steel in China is safe. Stainless steel has high physical hardness and is not easy to extend, so the application of stainless steel in general stainless steel kitchen mixer taps is more used. Most of the tubes are made of stainless steel.

Copper is the best material made at faucet, because copper ions have a certain bactericidal effect, which can make the bacteria unable to produce antibodies, so the inner wall of copper waterfaucet will not breed bacteria, which is not comparable to other materials. Among them, H59 copper is the most suitable, lead content is also qualified, H62 copper lead content is less and more corrosion resistant.

Stunned! Small bathrooms can also make “big articles”

In modern family life, with the increasing demand for all kinds of supplies, we often find that the house is filled with full things. Sometimes the wardrobe that is already full, or the closet that is not connected to the door. There is a great sense of collapse. Space utilization and storage become a university question.

The bathroom is one of the most frequent activities of people’s daily activities. A comfortable and clean bathroom is the embodiment and symbol of people’s high quality life. Most people can not get into the kitchen for a day, but they will never get into the bathroom accessories for a day, and more and more modern urbanite who pay more attention to the quality of life will not compromise to small areas. In the small bathroom, do some “big articles” and let your mood and bathroom be refreshed.

There are not enough space in washroom can not tolerate “drastic reform”, then hang a shelf above the washbasin. Simple settings can complete the storage of basic items, and the access is also very convenient. Using the space underneath the basin to make daily necessities storage, the washstand table can be made into an open drawer storage, to storage towel, bath towel, wash gargle, and skin care product. It has good air permeability, also can be a display space. With open form wash basin design, it’s easy to use nearby space. The simple bathroom accessories rack are installed around the platform cabinet, not only making it become personalized, but also convenient for indoor storage. A simple storage rack can help you solve many problems and hang up a towel for easy access. Small space can also have such a washroom, equipped with shower room, and a large circular massage bathtub, enjoying the dripping and refreshed under the sprinkler.

Small size bathroom space should avoid using too wide flume to waste unnecessary space. The toilet doesn’t have to be in the middle of the wall. It can be used at the corner of both walls. Wall-Hang bathroom cabinet will provide a good helper for storing functions. They will not occupy the floor space, but also provide a beautiful and generous bathroom.

There are many ways of accommodating in bathroom. Apart from furniture, simple storage is often more prominent. The collection frame of the iron art is placed in the corner of the wall to make use of the indoor dead angle reasonably, and a layer of one layer can hang up the small objects such as towels and toilet paper, and the ability of collecting and receiving is very considerable. The exquisite hardware storage rack, practical and creative design, will not only occupy the floor space, but also bring the icing effect to the whole sanitary space. In a simple design with grace and classicism, you can enjoy the experience of “aristocratic” like when you wash away the fatigue of a day in your bathroom.

Glass door is a common dry and wet separation technique in modern space. The traditional dark partition will make the space which is not big enough to look smaller. As a result, whether the bathroom day-lighting is good is particularly important. Using frosted glass as partition wall can make the light flow freely and increase the sense of transparency. It is a good way to expand the visual effect.

Although the bathroom will be exposed to enough natural light, it is suggested that a bright light device be installed to replace a part of the lighting device. Bright light can eliminate any shadow corner in the bathroom that can make the space smaller. Also you must remember to install a large mirror, it will make bathroom space unexpected results.

What are the aspects should be paid attention in the bathroom decoration?

Although the bathroom is small, it has a lot of functions in home life. Bathroom space is the most afraid of the installation process is careless, resulting in the need to be completely knocked out again in the future. This will not only cost energy, but also increase unnecessary spending. BARANA teaches you how to choose and accept bathroom equipment, and build a perfect bathroom.

Pay attention to the bathroom number of holes in the water. According to the number of water holes to buy, prevent trouble after replacement. The wash basin without holes should be installed on the stage or installed on the wall of the face table. The cold and hot water pipes of the single hole basin are connected to the single handle faucet through a hole, and the bottom of the tap is provided with a silk hole, and is fixed on the hole with nuts. The three hole basin can be matched with a single handle cold and hot faucet or a two handle cold and hot faucet. It is suggested that different wash basin should be chosen according to the number of outlet holes, so that they can not be used when buying them.

Wash basin should pay attention to the overall height relationship, the height of the intake system should be done according to the standard draft. Generally, U type pipe fittings need to be put in place in right way to ensure that water pipes and wall drainage holes are effectively combined and watertight, so as to avoid water leakage. In addition, if damage is found during installation, it should be dealt with immediately to avoid subsequent damage or breakage. The edge of wash basin and mesa should be treated with waterproof and edge treatment. At the same time, if there is a storage cabinet under the table type basin, the bathroom cabinet should choose waterproof material or joint point to do waterproof treatment. Silicone can be used to protect each junction point from water penetration. Fill the gap between wash basin and meshwork and fill up with silicone for waterproofing.

Pay attention to the distance of the tube before installation. The toilet tube distance is usually 30 centimeters or 40 centimeters away. Although some toilet tube distance are not limited at present, if there is a brand or style in your favorite list, the length of the tube should be inquired first , it is suggested that the size of the tube should be asked to avoid the improper installation. Hard plug is prohibited when installation. During installation, it is forbidden to press hard or squeeze hard with strong combination, locking or using heavy objects to avoid cracks. The intelligence toilet needs to be reserved for distribution outlets and water intake installations. When designing, we need to reserve electrical outlets and water intake. Now many new houses are most likely to set up the power supply in the vicinity of the toilet drainage pipe, but the second-hand housing or the old room usually does not have a reservation, and the need for another wire to affect the overall beauty. Therefore, we need to consider whether we need to install smart toilets when old buildings are being transformed. The edge treatment of two-piece toilet. When fixing the toilet, pay attention to the alignment of the base and drainage holes and the treatment of floor tiles, so as to avoid bad drainage and produce peculiar smell.

More drainage holes are left under the bathtub. Bathtub base should pay special attention to waterproof, drainage, waterproof paint and then install a bathtub, do not perfunctory. It’s best to leave a drainage hole below. In case there is a real leakage of water, also can drain from the drainage hole in time without causing down-hole seepage. At the same time, when the bathtub is installed, the supporting degree of the side wall should be considered enough. If the wall is not properly supported, once the water volume will cause the bathtub to move up and down, it will create cracks and water seepage.

More attention should be paid to the combination of the bathtub and the side wall. Avoid sharp corners, seams and accumulated water. If you choose freestanding bathtub, the biggest advantage is that you can place your place with joy. When installing, it is usually fixed on the base of the base by using silicone. BARANA suggests using mould proof ingredients. It is not easy to mould and cause the trouble of cleaning in the future.

Massage bathtub test. In the massage bathtub, the motor maintenance holes should be reserved. The location of the socket should not be too long, and the connection must be fixed. Otherwise, it will leak electricity due to loosening. The power supply contacts must be checked, and the leakage devices should be tested. The shower room glass door should be carefully selected. When you install glass sliding doors, you can choose to strengthen the material glass to avoid single point impact damage. In addition, it is necessary to consider the problem of load carrying capacity; the aluminum frame type should pay attention to the combination point, the lubrication of the track, the size level and the water stop effect after closing the closed door.

The decoration must be known: the bathroom waterproof process and precautions

The bathroom is the most humid place in the house. To prevent the seepage of the sanitary room wall and the ground is the problem we need to consider. BARANA brings detailed bathroom waterproof process and points for attention to show you. If there is any doubt about this, you must be sure to look at it carefully.

Brush the first waterproof coating: ensure that the construction site is clean and dry before construction. The waterproof coating should be covered with no omission. It is firmly combined with the base, without cracks, no bubbles and no shedding. The brush height is uniform and the thickness must meet the bathroom space requirements. Brush second times: pay attention to brush the first and second times waterproof paint need to have a certain time interval. After the first coating is dried, it can be carried out for second times. The specific time depends on the coating. The interval is too short, and the effect of waterproofing will be greatly reduced.

Protective coating for bathroom: to prevent the subsequent construction from damaging the waterproof layer, we need to lay a protective layer on the surface of the waterproof coating. The protective layer should be fully covered with waterproof layer. It is firmly combined with the base, no cracks, no bubbles and no shedding.
Bathroom closed water test: when the closed water test, the waterline at the highest point of the ground should not be lower than 2cm. Preservation for at least 24 hours. There is no leakage is observed. If there is leakage, it needs to be redone. This is very important and can not be ignored.

Bathroom treatment and cleaning at the grass-roots level, making leveling layer, bonding layer, detail additional layer, acrylic waterproof layer, water storage test, protective layer construction, and two water storage test.
Ensure that the bathroom floor is relatively stable: if you need to replace the floor tiles of the bathroom, after the original ceramic tiles are chipped away, First of all, we should use cement mortar to make the ground flat (especially the newly renovated house), and then do the waterproof treatment. Do this in that way can avoid leakage of waterproof coating due to uneven thickness or puncture of waterproofing membrane.

The joints should be brushed in place: the joints between the walls of the toilet and the ground and the joints between the upper and lower pipes and the ground are the most likely problems. Therefore, we must pay special attention to these parts. We must be careful in dealing with them. You can’t have the slightest carelessness in this bathroom space.
Wall processing is also very important: in order to achieve better waterproof effect, the general bathroom on the wall also should do about 30cm high waterproof treatment to prevent water accumulation to penetrate the wall. The wall adjacent to the bathtub is also higher than the height of the bathroom bathtub. The shower room is to reach the height of 180cm.

Waterproof test can not be omitted: after the waterproof construction is completed, all the sewers of the toilet should be blocked up for water injection test. After 24 hours of inspection, if there is no leakage on the walls and floors of the shower, the waterproof quality of the toilet is very good. On the other hand, we should find out the leakage and carry out maintenance. This step is especially important and can’t be ignored.
Keep the water flowing unobstructed: all the sewer pipes in the bathroom, including floor drain and sanitary pipes, must be kept unobstructed.

Choosing sanitary ware according to this method is not only economical but also good quality

The bathroom decoration is really a top priority, and there are many problems in the use of bathroom. So bathroom sanitary ware must be well chosen. BARANA will teach you today.

Types of toilets: intelligence toilet, two-piece toilet, one piece toilet, wall-hung toilet, urinal, bidet and squat closet. Choose according to the different space and the location of the waterway. How to choose toilet?
Look at the glazed surface of the wash surface. It should be smooth, spotless, pits, chromatic aberration and glaze.

Make sure that the drains are reserved for drainage and drainage. If it is under drainage, we must measure the distance from the center of the drain to the wall, and choose the same distance toilet. If it is horizontal drainage, it is necessary to make clear the height of the outlet to the ground. The outlet of the toilet should keep the height of the drain in the same height or slightly higher, in order to ensure the smooth drainage of the drainage.
When you choose a water saving toilet with 6 liters of water or less, do not think that the smaller the tank is, the more water saving, in fact, the water saving is not entirely dependent on the size of the water tank, which depends on the design of the flush and drainage system of the toilet and the accessories of the water tank.

Look at the water tank accessories of the toilet, the surface of the water tank is smooth, no burr, no scratch, and the mold seam is very small. The active parts cooperate with the slippery, no clear gap, the support material has a certain thickness and firmness, the link and the connection block are the best stainless steel.
Attention should be paid to the direct vertical distance between the sewage pipe center and the wall surface. The distance is above 400mm for the pre water, the 300mm is the middle and the water, and the 200~250mm is the back water. This should be paid attention.

The types of bathroom cabinets include solid wood bathroom cabinets, wooden bathroom cabinets, PVC bathroom cabinets and acrylicbathroom cabinets. How to choose the bathroom cabinet?
Appearance: the general set of bathroom cabinet needs to check whether there is any deformation in the bathroom cabinet.
Material: check whether the surface is cracked and glaze is smooth and even.
Accessories: check whether the hinge is noisy or not used properly when the bathroom cabinet door is switched.
Stain resistance: pencil on the bathroom cabinet and wipe it off to check its anti fouling capacity.
Anti fouling capacity: pencil on the bathroom cabinet and wipe it off to check its anti fouling capacity.

The wash basin includes electroplating basin, crystalline glaze basin, decoration basin, art basin, wall hung basin, pedestal basin, common basin and glass basin. How to choose wash basin?
First look at the instructions, if the glazed wash basin, the lower the water absorption, the better the quality.
And then look at the number of faucets, most of the porcelain basin reserved for a single hole for the use of mixed faucets, when buying a basin can require a supplier opening, if their own opening, it is likely to destroy the whole wash basin.
The high quality washbasin has smooth glaze on the surface, no needle eye, lack of glaze, and so on. The sound made with hard knocking is crisp.
In order to ensure that after the purchase of the wash basin quality business timely maintenance, it is best to keep the invoice issued by the store.

The bathroom accessories of sanitary ware include: faucet, soap dishes, paper holders, robe hooks, towel rings, corner valve, liquid soap dispansers, toilet brush holders, cup & tumbler holders, towel racks and so on. How to choose bathroom accessories?
First look at the coating is good, the general surface is more bright and delicate, the more obvious the mirror effect, the more rigorous the process.
The packaging design is beautiful, the quality inspection book, the installation instructions and the relevant after-sale instructions are all available.
Holding the hardware for 2 or 3 seconds to loosen, the fog and trace will disappear quickly, that is copper, heavy weight and thick handle.

These place of bathroom decoration can’t save money

The space between the bathroom is not large, but there are many daily necessities. If you do not design a good place to receive it, you will be crazy. The back of the mirror can be designed as a small storage space for washing and skin care products. Small platform is installed at the corner of the shower room wall for easy access. Make full use of the space under the wash basin, and collect and store with rattan basket, plastic box and so on. Reasonable planning of goods storage space, daily life is more convenient.

It is the desire of many decorator to save money when it is budgeted, but for the functional bathroom, it is easy to leave a lot of hidden dangers if the place which should not save money is decorated with cheap way. So when we make plans, it is best to know where we can not save money for decoration design so as to avoid unnecessary trouble in the future.

Water and electricity do not do well, the decoration is equal to zero. Bathroom is a place where multiple water and electricity are collected. If there are problems of design and selection, the leakage of water leakage is caused by the design and selection. The cost of reworking is not a small amount. Therefore, the quality of good water pipes, wires and wires should be selected in the early stage, and the wiring must comply with the regulations.

As space expands and functions increase, more and more electrical appliances in bathroom are also available. As space expands and functions increase, more and more electrical appliances in bathroom are also available. Many families are equipped with intelligent toilet, shower room, massage bathtub, multifunctional bathroom cabinet and other audio-visual equipment such as sanitary ware, TV or stereo. When the budget is limited, it is possible to reserve the sockets first so as not to trouble the wiring again in the future.

The use of sanitary ware is high, and it seldom changes after installation. Therefore, the quality of the product must be better. Otherwise, there will be problems at all times. It will not only repair trouble, but also lead to leakage, difficult cleaning, and can’t use. The selection of faucet and hose is very important. If you don’t pay attention on this, you need to replace it frequently.

It is often heard that there are shower room, wash basin and other exploding incidents. This is mainly related to the quality of the glass. Good tempered glass is generally hard to break and does not hurt when broken. Therefore, in order to use safely, we can not afford to be cheap and try to choose a good brand with good reputation. Like Barana sanitary wares.

Doors and windows are the facade of a house, and also the facade of bathroom. Door and window decoration must not be saved. The quality of doors and windows will directly affect the use of bathroom. We must choose a good door and window brand so as not to change the doors and windows frequently and add extra fees later. The doors and windows are chosen well and there is no trouble at home.

Buying a house has spent a lot of money, and the decoration is a bottomless hole. The province should be saved and the flower must be spent. The bathroom budget almost covers many aspects, such as building materials, equipment, soft loading, labor and so on. Some poor decorating companies will be very dirty when making the bathroom budget, so check carefully after they get the budget.