a small method of toilet maintenance

A Small Method Of Toilet Maintenance

a small method of toilet maintenance

1, if rinse with warm water closet,hot water do not pour into the toilet, so as to avoid the explosion.

2, the toilet can not be rushed into newsprint, paper, urine pad and other easy to plug things.

3, when the blockage, immediately with a leather suction device excluded.

4, to prevent breakage and Water Leakage, do not impact ceramics, avoid hard hitting cover and seat

5, please do not use steel brush and strong organic solution cleaning, so as not to damage the product glaze, corrosion pipeline.

6. To keep the toilet surface clean and flush, please use long handle, nylon brush and soapy water or neutral detergent to clean the pipe and flushing hole. It is recommended to be cleaned at least once a week.

7, please clean the filter at least once a month, to prevent the water tank is slow.

8, please don’t use chlorine detergent in the water tank, otherwise it may destroy the device in the water tank and cause leakage or damage to the structure of the building.

how to clean the sitting toilet

How To Clean The Sitting Toilet?

how to clean the sitting toilet

Brush and wipe the sides of the basin every day. Remove the deposits and stains with detergent. Especially, clean the area under the edges carefully. After cleaning, rinse the toilet brush with clean water, and sometimes rinse with hot water and disinfectant. A toilet cleaner that uses vinegar instead of the door. Sprinkle vinegar for 1 hours and then wipe wash. Vinegar can be sprinkled.

Clean the seat ring, flush handle, water tank and all the articles around it daily. This is because many men, especially the boys, are often not used toilet toilet bowl, scattered the urine, will fall to the ground and the wall, leaving numerous bacteria. If the bathroom on the shop carpet, to use the toilet pad, and regular cleaning.

To clear the old stains, should the lavatory basin water is drained, the method is: the toilet brush strapped on cloth, and cause the toilet basin drainage hole is the same big, into the toilet bowl and quickly moved up and down, can be drained, then this bundle of cloth brush with detergent, then apply to the toilet bowl inside, as far as possible to stay longer, then rinse, if there is still a circle of stains, can have pumice or dry wet sandpaper. Don’t waste your money on toilet flushing. They’re just dye bleach containing air freshener. They don’t actually keep the toilet clean.

how to clean and maintain massage bath

How To Clean And Maintain Massage Bath

how to clean and maintain massage bath

1, massage bathtub and soft cloth is not available or the composition of chlorine containing ketone. The disinfectant containing formic acid and formaldehyde shall be prohibited during disinfection.

2, It is recommended to clean the Jacuzzi with a particulate cleanser that can be mixed with water and avoid using detergents for ceramic tile or enamel surfaces.

3, do not put liquid detergent containers on the surface of the bath for a long time. Do not use sprays or concentrates or other similar cleaning articles.

4, please don’t let nail polish, nail polish, dry liquid detergent, acetone, paint remover or other solvent contact with acrylic surface.

5, corrosive detergent stays on the acrylic surface will cause damage, pay attention to after each use thoroughly clean acrylic surface, don’t let cleaning agent into the circulatory system.

why do we choose shower room

Why Do We Choose Shower Room?

why do we choose shower room

1, you can design an independent shower space, so you can have a relatively independent bath space, to avoid mutual influence, to facilitate daily life.

2, you can save space, because some families have relatively small bathroom space, bathtubs can not be installed, and shower doors can save a lot of space.

3, with a shower door, bath water will not be sprayed on the outside walls and ground, so that the entire bathroom cleaner.

4, winter bath, shower door can play a role in heat preservation, water vapor convergence in this space, the heat is not easy to emit, people feel more warm.

5, shower door shape rich, fan-shaped, rectangular, can play a very good decorative effect.

how can you choose a durable kitchen faucet

How Can You Choose A Durable Kitchen Faucet

how can you choose a durable kitchen faucet

First of all, the design of the faucet is very important. Now the household goods on the market are becoming more and more humane, and faucets are no exception. Faucets usually have many ways of letting out water. But the choice must not be confused by the fancy function locks, try to choose easy to use, clean and simple shape.

Secondly, the material of the faucet is the key. The material directly determines the service life of the tap, tap the stainless steel surface treatment technology is very important, if able to withstand high temperature acid test faucet, faucet can explain not easily occurs leakage. If the material is poor, the faucet is cleaned several times, the surface will lose luster, the coating will change color and fall off, thus affecting the normal use of the tap.

Finally, environmental issues should not be overlooked. Faucets affect the amount of lead in water. Lead levels in water are caused by the erosion of waterways by water bodies. Therefore, to select a faucet, it is necessary to check its lead content and determine that the welding material of the tap is non polluting.

how to clean the yellow dirt on the ceramic basin

How To Clean The Yellow Dirt On The Ceramic Basin?

how to clean the yellow dirt on the ceramic basin

As we all know, in the Home Furnishing life, ceramic tile is very important, however, there will be wear and tear, discoloration and other common problems in the use of a long time, especially the bathroom tiles, because the bathroom itself environment is more humid, so it is more serious, which requires us to pay attention to the maintenance of ceramic tile the details in life!

There is also a convenient and environmentally friendly way to clean your body, using white vinegar and lemon peel. Clean the dirt on the surface of the sanitary ware first, then dip the soft cloth on a little white vinegar to wipe the surface of the sanitary ware or wipe with the lemon peel. Only a little while, the sanitary ware will be shining as new, and the fragrance will be sent out.

First, the ceramic basin cleaning yellow dirt nine ways

1,add a little detergent and use a duster.

2,can use disinfectant to blister.

3,the more convenient way is to dip a little toothpaste with a cloth, and then repeated scrub.

4, we just need to put some water in the pot, then add some baking soda, soak for 5 minutes, then wipe it lightly with your hands, it will be clean, and also can be washed with hydrochloric acid.

5, the use of special porcelain cleaning fine, clear lens glasses brandy oil covered with dirt grease, available muslin dipped in some brandy or kerosene to clean, so it is convenient and clean.

common sense Bathroom basin maintenance knowledge

Common sense! Bathroom basin maintenance knowledge!

common sense Bathroom basin maintenance knowledge

1.in the bathroom space in the humid environment, accidents to children mostly, because
children bathing; love splashing about, because of environmental concerns, if any
improper actions, such as a foot standing in the bathtub wall edge, the other foot is
put on both sides in the basin around the basin or hands,dangerous behavior. The next,
if accidentally slipped and hit that may cause an accident.

2.change the bad habit of placing objects on the basin.

3.the basin above the shelf make-up board on a larger size or heavier weight of daily
necessities, please install lockers, in order to facilitate the collection of daily
necessities, to avoid placing on the make-up board.

4.usually clean: porcelain appearance soft, brush or sponge dip neutral detergent
cleaning, but must not be hot water flushing or directly to the hot water, lest basin
split. To use a basin to hold water, put cold water in it first, and put hot water in it
to avoid scalding.

5. regular maintenance: below the traps head can be disassembled, the accumulation of
dirt removed, can keep drainage unobstructed.

bathroom cabinets do not mildew what are the unique skills

Bathroom Cabinets Do Not Mildew, What Are The Unique Skills?

bathroom cabinets do not mildew what are the unique skills
1, To stop water seep into the wall design

Generally speaking, 50% of the moisture in the bathroom comes from the ground, and the design of the bathroom cabinet through the wall can avoid the problem of direct moisture absorption at the bottom, while taking advantage of the maximum space efficiency.

2. Use waterproof material with good moisture resistance

Ordinary families inside the bathroom space, often because of the small number of Ping, it is difficult to truly dry and wet separation, therefore, in the selection of bath cabinet material, composite panels can provide better waterproof.

3. Provide rubber buffer for silencing buffer

Usually in connection with the cabinet door, will install anti-collision function with the edge of the rubber, which can reduce noise can also be closed, water blocking in the cabinet outside the comprehensive.

4, Corrosion resistance, rust resistant hardware accessories

A hinge, slide selection, to fully consistent with the opening and closing use, such as rust corrosion will affect the sealing effect, so the corrosion resistance and rust resistant metal parts, also can prolong the service life of the bath cabinet.

what are the bathroom products

What Are The Bathroom Products?

what are the bathroom products

What does bathroom products include?

1, bath categories: cleaning supplies, towels, bath towels, buckets, showers, anti-skid mats, shelves, partition walls (glass), etc., these are basic bathroom supplies.

2, wash: wash with towel, pots, cups, and a towel rack, faucet, mop pool, these are not necessary, look at the needs of individual purchase.

3, toilet: tissue boxes, toilet, urinal, squat, now the family is the main form of the toilet, squatting has become less and less.

Room must have a toilet, shower, toilet three basic functions, then select the above of these supplies we can consider some of the details of the above things, mainly is the designer in the design time also opened with the owner of these related articles were selected, but it is still relatively simple.

what are the considerations for bathroom cabinets

What Are The Considerations For Bathroom Cabinets

what are the considerations for bathroom cabinets

First, look at the bathroom cabinet four edges and corners of quality

Glass bathroom cabinet generally refers to the toughened glass bathroom cabinet, and a disadvantage of tempered glass is the biggest four corners easily broken, so the decoration owners in the selection of glass bathroom cabinets, the best look at the four corners of the quality of the bathroom cabinet, to see whether it is strong, it is best to choose a bathroom cabinet the four corners rounded sharp edges, too easy to cause injury. Thickness of glass bathroom cabinet is about 12, almost 15MM, not too thick or too thin, too thick glass bathroom cabinet bathroom cabinet will look very heavy, too thin and not durable, 12 – 15MM is a suitable thickness.

Second, check the surface quality of bathroom cabinet

As to see whether there is a bubble in the glass, if there is a bubble, it shows the bathroom cabinet quality is not good; or, if the bathroom cabinet basin surface patterns, mainly look at the bathroom cabinet industry pattern on the surface texture is clear, only clear texture, texture and smooth the bathroom cabinet is high-quality bathroom cabinet.