bathroom maintenance toilet how to clean

Bathroom Maintenance: Toilet How To Clean?

how can the bathroom cleaner be cleaned

Now, the family bathroom decoration, most of them choose to install toilets, toilets are also commonly known as toilets. Compared to the toilet squatting pan is more humanized, and the installation appearance, however, because the toilet is easy to breed bacteria, direct contact with the human body, if not clean, is more likely to affect the health of their families. Especially in the new year before arrival, to bathroom toilet to a thorough cleaning.

1, before cleaning, pay attention to ventilation
Before cleaning the toilet, ventilate the bathroom and open the bathroom window or exhaust fan. At the same time, remove all the things from the water tank on the toilet.

2, clean tool preparation
Before cleaning, ready to clean tools, generally need to use the tools of detergent, toilet brush, brush, cloth, gloves, if necessary, can wear goggles or glasses is commonly used to prevent the liquid from splashing into the eyes.

Cleaning tools selection notice: toilet should use soft cloth clean, disable strong acid, strong carbon and decontamination powder clean, don’t use volatile agent, diluent and other cleaning, otherwise it will corrode glaze. Also, be careful not to use sharp brushes such as wire brushes and razor blades.

3. Clean the inner wall of toilet seat
Place the detergent around the inner wall of the toilet, and then cover the toilet for a few minutes. You can start cleaning the outside of the toilet seat during the period. After a few minutes, open the toilet cover, wash the closet with a toilet brush, especially the water outlet device inside the toilet, to focus on cleaning up. After cleaning, press the water outlet button, flush the toilet seat again with clean water, and rinse the toilet brush with water.

4. Clean the toilet and the outer circle
The toilet ring is the part that contacts with the human body, and the bacteria and the dirt that are absorbed and detained are the most. Therefore, when cleaning the toilet, it is important to clean the toilet. Can be wiped with a dishcloth on the wipe, if the set of gaskets, gaskets must be regularly cleaned, disinfected. As for the outside of the toilet, clean the toilet, the water tank, the flush button and the toilet edge. Clean the toilet and clean it. For some sanitary corners that are not easy to clean, use an old toothbrush to clean them.
The toilet should not be cleaned until the cleaning is done. It is also necessary to keep it clean in daily life. At the same time, when you use, you can pay attention to some conservation matters, the toilet seat, the use of more long-term, conducive to health.

1. Flush the toilet lid
One of the easiest to ignore when using and cleaning toilets is that they don’t have lids when they flush. You know, if the lid is opened when the water is flush, the instant cyclone in the toilet can bring the germs into the air and float in the air, and then fall to the wall and the articles. It is easy to be polluted by bacteria. Therefore, the daily use of toilet, it is necessary to develop the toilet cover when flushing toilet habits.

2, do not rush into easily blocked goods
The toilet can not be filled with newspapers, paper urine pads, sanitary napkins, etc., which is easy to cause blockage. If you accidentally fall into the toilet, you should take it out in time.

3, daily attention to protection
Do not put the toilet in the sun can direct to the place, or directly near the heat source near or exposed to smoke in the office, otherwise easily lead to surface discoloration; at the same time, don’t set a hard object, such as a water tank cover, washbasin, toilet seat until the bucket, easy to scratch the surface or cause cracking; in addition, in order to avoid damage and Water Leakage, don’t hit the toilet, to avoid hitting against the cover plate and the seat ring.