bathroom decoration 4 tips on how to expand bathroom space

Bathroom Decoration: 4 Tips On How To Expand Bathroom Space

bathroom decoration 4 tips on how to expand bathroom space

On normal terms, the biggest problem facing small type decoration is limited space, so in the decoration design and construction above, should take full account of the rational use of space.

The first step: unified tone

Although the color of a riot of colours beautiful but will undoubtedly make little space more crowded, white, blue, yellow and other light colored, extended view effect. Therefore, it is better to change the toilet color to a uniform light color system so that the area can be effectively expanded visually. If you think it is too monotonous, you can work on the wall waist line down and down, smooth lines of flower pattern waist line is a good choice.

The second step: position as required

Most of the three pieces of traditional bathroom are lined up next to the main wall, but for smaller spaces, they may be more crowded, or even less laid. So for small toilet, not so standard. And the toilet is not necessary, must be in the middle of the wall, in the corner of the two walls can be used as normal. In the same way, the bathtub can be chosen as long, square or even round according to the size of the space.

The third step: Mirror increases the space

The use of large area glass mirror “transform” the bathroom, can be placed two large mirrors, side wall, the side sloping roof, not only cover the sewer upstairs tenants, the small space is full of change, there is a sense of hierarchy. The reflection of a large area of glass is enough to make the bathroom produce an “enlarged” visual effect.

The fourth step: lighting, ventilation is very important

Small bathroom between the most bogey dark, will make the original little space looks more cramped. As a result, the bathroom lighting is good, it is particularly important. The use of frosted glass as a partition wall, you can make the light wanton flow, increase the sense of permeability of space, but also as a way to expand visual effects.