bathroom basin selection strategy quality and brand is the key

Bathroom Basin Selection Strategy: Quality And Brand Is The Key

bathroom basin selection strategy quality and brand is the key

1, the size of the basin

When we buy Bathroom Vanities, first look at the size of the whole bathroom space, if the bathroom space is large, then we should choose a larger basin, this looks more beautiful and harmony. But if the bathroom space is not big, must not choose too large basin, this will appear very abrupt, affect the beautiful, will occupy the bathroom limited space. Under normal circumstances, if the width of the toilet is less than 70 centimeters, it is best to install the cylinder.

In addition, we also consider the location, the height of the water tap, need to set in advance good drainage tube location to buy basin, when install basin would not have the trouble of pipeline reconstruction.

2, the quality and brand of basin
At present, most owners choose the basin material is ceramic. Then how to identify the quality of ceramic basin? The quality of ceramic basin is mainly determined by its manufacturing process. Generally speaking, high temperature firing is better than low temperature firing basin. In addition, the glazed ceramic basin is not easy to be contaminated and easy to clean. So choose a good ceramic basin will make life a lot easier after day.

In the choice of ceramic basin we can against the light the glaze is smooth, whether there is a bubble, pinhole, sand holes, spots etc.. In addition, we can also touch the hand, feel its touch is delicate, gently tap with your hand, if the sound is crisp, so that the ceramic basin is better. If you have chosen is not good, then choose the brand of basin, the basin is more than the quality guarantee hodge.

3, color and style of basin
(1) the color of the basin has always been white, light blue, pink based, but we can also choose the color of the basin according to their preferences. In addition, the color of the basin should be consistent with the style of the toilet decoration and the overall tone, so it will not appear abrupt. At present, there is a transparent glass basin on the market, so the basin looks very refreshing.
(2) the style of the basin now is different from that of the founder or circle. In order to reflect the personality and characteristics, at present, the basin on the market has different shapes, such as tree shape, shell shape, triangle, five angle shape, heart shape, petal shape, etc., which conforms to the modern young people’s pursuit of the trend of psychology.