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Summer Decoration Guide: Let Messy Bathroom Instantly Refreshing

Sliding mirror, cabinet, reasonable use, storage As far as the whole bathroom space is concerned, it is necessary to reserve a cabinet for all kinds of toiletries, which can ensure the clean and comfortable space of the whole bathroom, as well as bath and toilet. In addition to the column has a special wet packing […]

A Small Method Of Toilet Maintenance

1, if rinse with warm water closet,hot water do not pour into the toilet, so as to avoid the explosion. 2, the toilet can not be rushed into newsprint, paper, urine pad and other easy to plug things. 3, when the blockage, immediately with a leather suction device excluded. 4, to prevent breakage and Water […]

How To Clean The Sitting Toilet?

Brush and wipe the sides of the basin every day. Remove the deposits and stains with detergent. Especially, clean the area under the edges carefully. After cleaning, rinse the toilet brush with clean water, and sometimes rinse with hot water and disinfectant. A toilet cleaner that uses vinegar instead of the door. Sprinkle vinegar for […]

How To Clean And Maintain Massage Bath

1, massage bathtub and soft cloth is not available or the composition of chlorine containing ketone. The disinfectant containing formic acid and formaldehyde shall be prohibited during disinfection. 2, It is recommended to clean the Jacuzzi with a particulate cleanser that can be mixed with water and avoid using detergents for ceramic tile or enamel […]