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How do I choose the bathroom? BARANA tells you.

The bathroom is a form of expression that best reflects the master’s artistic taste. With the development of society, the progress of science and technology and the improvement of people’s aesthetic ideas, the toilet has also become a fashion theme in the family decoration. Through the collocation of various products, the artistic taste of every […]

Why are the toilets made of ceramics?

We have been sitting in the same toilet (or squatting on the same squat toilet for centuries). Sewage pipes are almost hidden from the past, and the seats of toilets are also made in various styles, using different materials. But for the toilet, the material has almost never changed since it was invented for hundreds […]

How to choose home bathroom decoration will more rational?

Home decoration, in addition to guest bedroom, kitchen, there is an essential functional area – bathroom. Are the partners always having a headache for the bathroom renovation? The space of general bathroom is limited, so we have to arrange the sanitary wares and household appliances reasonably in limited space. Also pay attention to many details: […]

Precautions for the maintenance of the flower shower head

When most people are in the shower, they find that the longer the shower head is used, the smaller the water flow is, that is because the maintenance of the shower is not noticed and the shower head is blocked. The shower head is not installed for a long time, but it is blocked by […]

What’s the problem will be encountered in the shower room decorate?

Nowadays, people like to have a hot bath in an independent and comfortable shower room. For a busy day of working people, drag the weary body back home, take off the clothes, go into the shower room and twist the switch, let the manna drop from the “day” wash your body, flow in every inch […]

How to decorate a small space bathroom?

The bathroom is a necessary functional area in the home. Regardless of the decoration effect of other spaces in the home, the washroom must be well decorated. If the toilet area is large enough you can add the required parts according to the daily needs, but if there have the small space bathroom needs more attention in […]

The solution to the toilet problem

Toilets, such as the smell, yellowing, water leakage, blockage, displacement, slow launching and unclean rinsing, are often bothering us in the daily use of toilets. How to solve the major problems? The flush of flanges and pipe openings is one of the culprits of producing odors. During installation, materials such as ointment and other materials […]

How should be decorated the bathroom without windows?

No window toilet decoration must use a light color system based on white. It can make the space more light and bright, and also reflect light. The light is not enough and the light comes together. Main lamp and local lighting. For example, bath area lighting, wash area lights, mirror headlights, wall lamps, so that […]

You have to know waterproof about home decoration, otherwise you will lose a lot

Renovation of new houses is bound to carry out hydropower transformation, which will damage the waterproofing layer of the original developers. Therefore, the new house decoration must be waterproof. As an important part of the family decoration process, skilled waterproofing materials are used for skilled workers. The market price accounts for about 1% of the […]

Bathtub cleaning and maintenance

The use of bathtub is very popular, many family bathrooms will have a bathtub, in modern fast, high pressure of life, to ease fatigue, relax the body and mind is not a bath in a hot bath in the bathtub. Yes, the bathtub does bring us boundless comfort. The daily cleaning of bathtub can be […]