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Bathub Buying Skills Sharing

Shopping plan 1: Bathtub Safety When choosing the bathtub, you need to consider the particularity of the members of the family, such as children, the elderly, the disabled, choose the bathtub, it is better to choose the lower side, you can also install handrails in the appropriate place. In addition, the bathtub must be anti-skid […]

Introduction To Maintenance Skills Of Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinets

  1, keep the bathroom air circulation, wet and dry separation to accommodate the bathroom cabinet Wooden bathroom cabinets have relatively harsh requirements for the bathroom environment, that is, wet and dry separation. The shower is separated from other areas, and the shower water does not splash around and keeps the space outside the shower […]

How To Choose A Toilet ?

Skills of water saving toilet To select the qualified toilet in addition to the regular store brand products, consumers also want to have a pair of piercing eye. Mainly from four aspects can roughly determine the quality of water-saving toilets. The first is to look at the ceramic body: if is the OEM toilet, or […]

Ceramic Basin Selection Skills

First, glaze finish, brightness In the purchase of ceramic basin, first with the ordinary white ceramic basin, should focus on the glaze smoothness, brightness. Glazed finish and good brightness good, pure color, not easy to dirty fouling, easy to clean, long-term use is still bright as new. Two, water absorption index The so-called water absorption, […]

Bathroom Renovation 5 Bathroom Tips To Share

1, space decisions bathroom choice Take the toilet, the hanging toilet is suitable for small space, easy to clean; high-tech computer toilet, the area is larger, suitable for large space. In addition, in the purchase of toilets, be sure to confirm the toilet at home distance, that is, the wall to the drainage center distance, […]

Bathroom Cabinet Installation Notes

1, installation location: floor tile and wall tiles, to confirm the installation location of bathroom cabinet; due to the installation of bathroom cabinet on the wall is to punch, also need water inlet and water outlet, once installed in general can not be moved, so that good bathroom cabinet installation position is a necessary condition […]

Bathroom Installation: The Installation Method Of the Whole Bathroom

With the development and improvement of the design, the whole bathroom has a new interpretation: that is, in the limited space to achieve washing, bathing, dressing, toilet and other functions of the independent health unit. It uses an integrated waterproof chassis, panels, and cover of the overall framework, and sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, bath screen, […]

Bathroom Maintenance Coup: Bath Cleaning And Maintenance

Newspaper cleaning law The newspaper, for the removal of dirt and hair, the surface of the newspaper, now many people should have, it is also a kind of clean easily, put some hot water in the bathtub, and then open the newspaper, put in the bathtub, floating in the water, after a period of time, […]